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The Chinese Military is the military of China in the Just Cause Universe. They make a single appearance in Just Cause 2.
Zhang Sun

Zhang Sun.

Appearance in PanauEdit

The Chinese military makes an appearance during the Agency mission "Three Kings".

China sent Zhang Sun to Panau as a secret ambassador, after finding out that Panau has the biggest oil reserve in the world. When they got to Panau, Zhang Sun decided to start funding the Reapers because Bolo Santosi has idolized the Chinese communist revolution. However it's rumored that Zhang Sun is afraid of Bolo, as she also wants all of Panauan Oil.


  • Submachine Guns.
  • A special type of Triggered Explosives. These leave a trail of sparks behind them as they are thrown and explode on their own after a few seconds. Zhang Sun describes them as 'fireworks'.
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