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Cima Leon is a "mini region" within Insula Fonte.


The region covers the highest peaks on the main island of Insula Fonte and is a term describing mainly a network of three military bases on the peaks:

  • Cima Leon: Centcom - The most important of the three bases, as it is the main control center for Insula Fonte. The base is set within an ancient fort on the summit of the highest mountain in the region, topped by a CentCom Tower and defended by a Dionysus PLDS-H-powered FOW. It's located in the province of Aspera.
  • Cima Leon: Silo - The smallest of the three bases. It is set on the ridge line of a valley in Lacos. A tunnel connects the road to the main base, which centers around a silo containing a Bavarium missile.
  • Cima Leon: Transmitter - The largest of the three bases. The base is set on a cliff side in Feno. Like Cima Leon: Silo, it centers around a transponder, but the base is more spread out and is generally a more challenging base.


In the mission Conflicting Interests and Missile Cowboy, Dimah refers to Cima Leon: Silo as just "Cima Leon". This is because the bases are parts of the same weapon system. This so called weapon system is presumably used to launch Bavarium ICBMs like the one seen in Missile Cowboy.

"Cima" means "top" in Italian, so it translates to "lion top".

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