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Cima Leon: Centcom
Cima Leon Centcom
Settlement in Medici
Type Regional central command
Region Insula Fonte
Province Aspera
Coordinates N 40 41.705
E 5 44.025
Missions that take place here Missile Cowboy

Cima Leon: Centcom is a regional central command post in Just Cause 3.


This is the headquarters for the military in Insula Fonte.

At the entrance, there is a large gate/door, similar to what are in police stations. A bit before the entrance on the road up to the compound, there is a metal guard tower. It has a large tower, which is similar in appearance to a flak tower or an air traffic control tower. There are buildings surrounding the tower, which is in the middle of the base.

It has a FOW guarding it that is replicated by the handheld Dionysus PLDS-H. The FOW is an airstrike delivered by a CS7 Thunderhawk.

The in-game map description says "Built on the ruins of an ancient Salirosan fortress, Cima Leon's CentCom Tower is the bastion from which Di Ravello's regional commanders keep Insula Fonte under strict control."


At the top of a hill in Aspera, Insula Fonte. This is the smallest CentCom base, and fittingly in the smallest province in Medici as a whole.


The FOW can be disabled by doing the mission The Secret of Vis Electra.

Completion RewardsEdit

Completion without doing The Secret of Vis ElectraEdit

The FOW protecting this base is an airstrike mechanism.

Just avoid the airstrikes. The airstrike is marked by a giant red circle centered around you, and once it stops moving, the airstrike is set. Quickly grapple to another place before you get hit. It is even possible to use the airstrike to your advantage, using it to destroy destructibles around the base.

A much easier way of doing this would be bombarding the location with the U-7 Dravec, as it is very difficult to be hit by airstrikes while in a decently quick plane.

Other destructible itemsEdit



Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches

{{Console unknown}} It has been reported that sometimes the FOW glitches (if you haven't completed the mission to disable the FOW) in that the FOW sometimes won't be active when starting the game. This could also be attributed to moving toward the location quickly in an aircraft.



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