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Citate Di Ravello
Di Ravellos castle near a city at Insula Striate
Settlement in Medici
Type City
Region Insula Striate
Province Regno
Coordinates N 40 44.195
E 5 38.750
Missions that take place here Bavarium on a Plane and The Shatterer of Worlds

Citate Di Ravello is a city in Just Cause 3.


It's the capital city of Medici and is home to General Di Ravello's palace, that overlooks the coast. Several mission cut-scenes take place in its courtyard. Other features to the city include its towering skyscrapers as well as its vast beaches. The city is the economic heart of Medici and the largest city in the country. It is unknown what the city was named before the reign of Di Ravello. It is by far the largest city in Medici with around 13,000 (speculative calculation) citizens.

According to the Rebel drop map: "An ancient seaside village persists as a small neighborhood in the city Di Ravello built as a testimony to his power. The greatest skyscraper in Medici anchors the expensive downtown district and the General's opulent palace crowns the ruins of an old Medician fortress from a bygone era."

The city resembles Monaco and Monte Carlo.

According to Sheldon in the mission "Bavarium on a Plane", the name Citate Di Ravello  means "City of Di Ravello" in the Medician language. This translation is further backed up by the mission "Regata Citate", which most likely means "City Regata".

Points of interestEdit

  • A pair of skyscrapers similar to the Panau Falls Casino, which is made up of two towers, with an overpass connecting the two close to the top. It is exactly 222 m tall (confirmed by sky diving). If Rico dies in Citate Di Ravello he will spawn here.
  • Sebastiano Di Ravello's mansion. This is the palace on the old fortress. According to the paper map that comes with the disk version, this building was only recently finished. Unless the player has finished the game, the Black Hand will be guarding the area. There are the standard variants, and rarely, ghost versions, and one Titan wielding an Urga Vulkan.
  • Mugello HQ, directly east of Di Ravello's house (very useful for finding fast vehicles).
    Mugello HQ at Citate Di Ravello

    Mugello HQ.

  • Old town. This is the area east of Di Ravello's house.
  • There are a few easter eggs here. See the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3 article for full info.
    • Two women wearing the famous "dress". They're on the ends of the highest balcony of the hotel that's directly south of the skyscraper with the crane.
    • Pogo stick, near the north-east corner of the city. The pogo stick can kill people and blow up vehicles if you jump on them. Doing so with D.R.M. vehicles/soldiers will not give you heat.
    • Football field with a usable ball, at the western edge of the old town.
    • The strange winching machine, at the football field.
    • N³ logo.
    • Scorp Avaranch clothing store.
    • Just Jeans store.
    • Bolo's banana stand.
  • Marina, south of the old town.
  • Cargo port. There are no cargo ships, but there are military ships, including Military Corvettes, CS Powerrun 77s, and Urga Hrochs.
  • The largest police station in Medici.


It is located in the province of Regno, on the southern coast of Insula Striate.


To complete this settlement you must destroy the following objects:


  • 4 Challenges: "Metropolis Tour","Regata Citate", "Burst Training Course" and "City Sprint".


This city is home to a variety of vehicles, land, air, and sea.


  • This is the only settlement in Regno.
  • There are some relatively unique soldiers here.
    • There is a machine gunner with a U-39 Plechovka at the billboard between the gas station (the one in the skyscrapers) and the docks.
    • There are two D.R.M. members armed with U-39 Plechovkas near the two Sphere Tanks in the docks. The two D.R.M. members can be either two grunts, two elites, two captains, a grunt and a captain, a grunt and a elite, or an elite with a captain.
    • A helicopter pilot with a CS Predator at the top of a building.
  • According to the map description for Cava Grande Secunde, its excavators are so large that can be seen from this city on a clear day.
  • See also, the capitals of nations in previous games:
  • In an early screenshot of Di Ravello's palace there appears to be a communication mast in the old part of the city. Citate Di Ravello in the released game does not have a communication mast. This can be interpreted as cut game content from Just Cause 3.


 PS4   It has been reported that after the city has been liberated, Di Ravello's palace continues to be under guard by the Black Hand. By the game's coding, the Black Hand should cease spawning after the city is liberated.


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