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Cluster Bomb Launcher
Cluster Bomb Launcher
As seen in the Black Market.
Weapon in Just Cause 2
Type Grenade launcher
Usage Two-handed
Maximum ammunition carried 20
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
To unlock This is DLC
Cost $ 40000
List of owners Agency

The Cluster Bomb Launcher is a DLC weapon in Just Cause 2.


A natural progression of the Grenade Launcher, the Cluster Bomb Launcher is a weapon of small-scale mass destruction for personal use. It is equipped with a holographic sight and an M4-like extendable stock. Strangely, the weapon has a magazine, but fires a single projectile, followed by a reload. It looks like a box magazine variant of the Mako Hammerhead from Just Cause (1). This weapon is completely fictional.


It shoots a grenade (same range as the Grenade Launcher), which explodes into 6 additional grenades when it lands. They all have the same blast radius as the first. It's very powerful and capable of destroying a GV-104 Razorback in one shot. It has 20 units of ammunition, when bought from the Black Market and despite having a magazine it has to be reloaded after every shot. It's more powerful than the Grenade Launcher and cheaper in the black market.

Upgrade level 6
Magazine capacity 1
Ammunition (including in the magazine) 20
Minimum number of shots to kill a grunt 1
Minimum number of shots to kill an elite 1


The Black Market Boom Pack Downloadable content must be purchased for £1.59, 1.99 € or $1.99 from the Playstation Network, Steam, or Xbox Live. Once the downloadable content is purchased and installed, the gun must be purchased from the Black Market for $40,000, or else it is never seen in the game. It's already upgraded to 6 stars.


  • The Cluster Bomb Launcher's effect is similar to the alternate fire mode of the Militek MGL in the game "James Bond 007: Nightfire".