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Colle Salrosa
Colle Salrosa Statue.jpg
The statue by the coast.
Settlement in Medici
Type Town
Region Insula Fonte
Province Lacos
Coordinates N 40 40.195
E 5 42.875
Missions that take place here Salrosa sprint ends here and 4-5 random encounters happen here.

Colle Salrosa is a town in Just Cause 3.


It has several multi-story yellow, white and orange building with red/orange stone tile roofs. There is also a large blue and white apartment building near to a hill/mountain. The town has its own police station. There is a beach just below the town, where the Di Ravello statue is.

There is also a dock nearby to the beach where fishermen come to fish. Sometimes large boats may spawn there. There are two buildings, which are likely to be hotels for the tourists who visit the town. There is also a grocery store near to the apartment building/hotel.

There is a medium sized police station at the bottom of the hill leading up to the town square at the top. Opposite the police station is a gas station, which can cause serious damage if blown up. To the right of the gas station is a small café with a large eating area outside. Usually at evenings a cleaner sweeps up the café's front steps.

The town square is quite large. There is a fountain in the center of it and porches/balconies which over look Medici's waters. There are also a few shops which sell food and goods. The town hall is considerably large too, as the player can easily see it from a distance when in the sea surrounding Colle Salrosa; it has a inaccessible, large tower, which presumably has a bell in it considering the look of the tower.

In-game description: "Centuries ago, the gentle leader Cirillo Salrosa founded this city-state as a venue for trade. Today, Colle Salrosa is one of the top tourist destinations in Medici, thanks to its brand new hotels and beautiful ocean views. Just about every world-traveler is clamoring to get a selfie atop its tallest cliff, standing against the sparkling backdrop of the sea. This has led to an unfortunate string of fatal falls, and the birth of the local nickname "Selfie Crag.""

Sometimes you can hear opera music coming from a window.

There is a Di Ravello tape located here.


On the southern coast of the Lacos province. The town is on a high rock peninsula, surrounded by cliffs. There is a small dock in the bay to the east. This town is often geographically confused for Manaea.


Other destructible items



  • This is the only known settlement in Medici that was once its own state.
  • For some reason, this town is listed on a bus schedule in Solís. It's unknown if this is an easter egg or not.
  • Strangely, when Alessia reports on this town being liberated, she will state something along the lines of "...no more speaker towers, statues, or propaganda vans. We must never stop fighting!" However, a Propaganda Van never spawned here. This may be some kind of cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • This town is one of five towns in Medici to have the Frigo Garage built onto the coast, the other four being Manaea, Perla Est, Celata, and Nacre.