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This article is about collectable items in Just Cause 3.
Di Ravello tape

A "Di Ravello tape".


There are a total of 5 different sets of collectables in Medici. Each type provides an award once they're all collected. A sixth type is added by the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.

Di Ravello TapesEdit

Main article: Di Ravello Tapes.

"Di Ravello tapes" are Sebastiano Di Ravello's personal audio diary tapes hidden all around Medici. There are 12 in Insula Dracon, 20 in Insula Fonte and 39 in Insula Striate. Collecting all of these will reward you with a Golden Urga Mstitel.

Once picked up Di Ravello monologues about his military career, starting from enlistment as a private.

There are 71 in total.

Vintage PartsEdit

A vintage part is something that's buried in a pile of dirt with a shovel sticking out of it. Rico doesn't use the shovel, he just pulls something too small to be seen out of the ground with his hand.

Each region has its own set of vintage parts. Upon collecting all of them for a region, it will reward you with that region's corresponding vintage item. Once all of the vintage parts have been collected, Noir Mode, a black-and-white camera filter, will be unlocked.

There are 54 in total.

Parts in Insula Fonte:

  • On a sandy patch of a small island at N 40 38.035 E 5 41.385.
  • At the bottom of the crater that's created at the end of the mission Missile Cowboy. It is also available on the hillside before the mission. (N 40 41.745 E 5 44.075)
  • ?
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  • ?

Parts in Insula Dracon:

  • On the shores north of Vico Spigola (N 40 44.235; E 5 36.830)
  • Cavern under Vico Thunno, entrance at (N 40 44.265; E 5 35.420)
  • Near top of hill/mountain north of Porto Cavo (N 40 44.145; E 5 35.160)
  • Northern end of the island west of Guardia Capite II (N 40 43.400; E 5 34.325)
  • In the hills northwest of Porto Darsena (N 40 42.375; E 5 34.825)
  • On the shore, under the bridge in northern Trio (N 40 42.350; E 5 35.315)
  • Eastern coast of Trio, east of Porto Darsena (N 40 42.195; E 5 35.610)
  • In a small cave near the bridge between Massos' two main islands (N 40 43.045; E 5 36.820)
  • At the southern end of the island east of Guardia Massos I (N 40 42.425; E 5 37.500)
  • Near the center of the large island west of Puncta Sud (N 40 40.975; E 5 36.535)
  • Near the center of the island north of Platteforma Petra I (N 40 40.650; E 5 36.345)
  • Hilly region northeast of Grotta Contrabandero (N 40 41.095; E 5 34.965)
  • In a massive underground cavern near Grotta Contrabandero, entrance at (N 40 40.496; E 5 34.591)
  • On a small island with ruins on it near Vico Tructa (N 40 41.915; E 5 37.120)

Parts in Insula Striate:

Daredevil JumpsEdit

Main article: Daredevil Jumps.

There are many "Daredevil Jumps" in Medici. Completing them will reward you with the Incendiario Monster Truck, the custom Geschwind V3000, and the Custom Kletterer 300 in Insula Striate, Insula Fonte, and Insula Dracon respectively.

There are 30 in total.

Rebel ShrinesEdit

Main article: Rebel Shrines.

It's a lantern with multiple candles inside. When interacted with, Rico lights them and says that he will see to it that the person did not die in vain.

Lighting all of them in a region grants free fast travel from that region. Lighting all of them in Medici will grant you free fast travel to and from anywhere, even places that are not in the main 3 regions. 

There are 49 in total.

Ancient TombsEdit

Main articles: Ancient Medici and Ancient Tombs.

These are small hills surrounded by a small stone wall. On one side is a wooden door. Rico puts his left hand on the door does the cross sign with his right. After Rico pays his respects, a flagpole with a flag of the Rebellion appears and a Urga Stupka-210 spawns behind each tomb.

There are 23 in total.

Eden Callaghan tapesEdit

Main article: Eden Callaghan tapes.

These are added in the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.

Eden Callaghan tapes are Eden Callaghans audio diary. The tapes can all be found in the Stingray Area. Once the area is liberated, the markers for the tapes get revealed on the map. It's also possible to detect them before area liberation by being near them, but some tapes are on the Stingray central rig.

The tapes reveal the story of the the eDEN Corporation and how the experiments started out. This is all told by Eden Callaghan herself.

There are 18 in total.


Item name Number of items Area of distribution Reward
Di Ravello tapes 12 Insula Dracon Golden Urga Mstitel
20 Insula Fonte
39 Insula Striate
Vintage parts 14 Insula Dracon CS44 Peacebringer
18 Insula Fonte U-24 Zabijak
22 Insula Striate Carmen Albatross and Noir Mode are unlocked.
Daredevil jumps 10 Insula Dracon Custom Kletterer 300
13 Insula Fonte Custom Geschwind V3000
7 Insula Striate Incendiario Monster Truck
Rebel shrines 10 Insula Dracon Infinite, free Fast Travel in that region
18 Insula Fonte Infinite, free Fast Travel in that region
21 Insula Striate Infinite, free Fast Travel in that region
Ancient tombs 0 Insula Dracon Urga Stupka-210
0 Insula Fonte
23 Insula Striate
Eden Callaghan tapes 18 Scolio None


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