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San Esperito Military Radio Mast

At Los Islas Defense HQ.

Not to be confused with Broadcast Towers, television towers, or Surveillance Masts.

Communications masts are large radio antennas in the Just Cause game series.


They're large triangular metal masts, supported by cables that are anchored to the ground. In JC there are 6 horizontal antennas radiating horizontally from the top. The towers are painted with red and white and have multiple red lights to make them more visible to aircraft. In JC2, they are more than 260 meters tall (confirmed by BASE jumping).

Just Cause (1)Edit


They can be destroyed by any explosion damage to the tower itself. They don't contribute anything to game completion and stay destroyed forever (as opposed to Red Barrels, which respawn). A.I. helicopters will sometimes crash into them and destroy them.

One tower is inside a military base and during the base takeover there will be a Roadblock right next to it. If the player wishes to leave the tower up, then the roadblock will have to be destroyed by a grenade that has to be thrown to the other end of the roadblock. The grenade doesn't have to be right next to the roadblock to damage it, so it is possible, but may take several attempts.


There's about 20 of them. Very few are in or near settlements. Most of them are on top of jungle-covered hills.

Just Cause 2Edit

Communications Mast
Communications Mast
At Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 25
Armament needed Heavy weapons
Value in Chaos points 1000
Value in money 5000
Approximate safe distance during destruction At least 30 meters from the base of the masts


They can be destroyed using heavy weapons, like vehicle-mounted weapons, or by small arms fire, if aimed at the Wire mountings. The Wire mountings can also be broken by aircraft wings. Any two broken cables will bring down the mast.

They can be destroyed for 1000 Chaos points and $5000. Since it can be spotted from a great distance, you may not even have to get within SAM range to destroy it, making it perfect for a hit and run technique.

An armed helicopter will bring it down in a matter of seconds, leaving enough distance to lose any pursuers if that's to your choosing. They can also be brought down by destroying 2 of the 3 support cables holding it up. This may be done by shooting at them or even better, slicing them with helicopter blades or aircraft wings,but beware, hitting the wires with the fuselage of smaller aircraft will destroy your aircraft. Do take care and not get shot down by SAMs in doing this though. If you're going on foot to destroy it, they are immune to small arms fire and like any other behemoth military installation, will require explosives and mounted weapons such as the minigun or a flak cannon to bring it down. If you're feeling more adventurous, you could follow its support cables from on foot and shoot their bases, yielding equal results and being much more gratifying as well. Another fun way of taking one down is by simply crashing a giant plane, like the Aeroliner 474, into the mast.

A lot of noise is created when a radio mast is destroyed. The parts will separate from each other, and then slowly fall down. It will usually kill several soldiers and destroy objects such as Generators, Broadcast Towers and others. The mast must be close enough to other objects in order to destroy them as well. Roughly 30 metres or so is the maximum distance for objects to be within parts falling from the mast. Even if nothing is destroyed by the falling mast, the noise it makes when it hits the ground or a building is very quiet.


These can usually be found more easily at bases in the mountainous regions of Panau and a select number of communications outposts. There are 25 of them. You won't have to look for them too hard, as they may be spotted from around 1 kilometer away. However, they are always heavily guarded, with at least one SAM on site to guard them from airborne attacks and various military units on site as well. Only one of them is unguarded at the Unnamed military base at X:8260; Y:26740.

Complete list: Most of the locations have one mast each. If it's more it will be a parenthesis.

Just Cause 3Edit

Communications Mast
Communications Mast JC3
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount 33
Armament needed Grappler or explosives
Value in Chaos points 400
Approximate safe distance during destruction About 10 meters (to avoid collision damage)


Communications Masts are back in Just Cause 3, where they are now called "Antenna Towers". They are now wider and have no cables. A single grenade at ground level can now cause a collapse, but they can also be destroyed by pulling individual bars out using the Grappler. There's a separately explode-able antenna at the top.



  • If you are lucky, the AI will get stuck on these.
    • It's rare, but if you are chased by a helicopter (most cases a UH-10 Chippewa) and your escape route goes near one of the masts, it's possible that the helicopter will crash into the mast - destroying both the mast and the helicopter.
    • Sometimes the not very intelligent AI pilots crash their planes into high buildings and mountains and in some cases into radio masts, destroying both the plane and the radio mast. You will always be blamed for the destruction and get the Chaos points.
  • As seen in the list above, most settlements have only one mast, but there are two exceptions: Kastelo Singa and Cape Carnival. Both of them are very large bases, and have got two masts each.
  • A few of these masts have various objects surrounding them, which helps for sabotage as the objects may include the smaller broadcast towers and generators.
  • If you grapple up to the very top of the tower, Rico will say something about the view like "Doesn't look so crappy from up here."
  • Of all the military facilities hosting one, two are uniquely Communication Outposts: Gurun Lautan Lama Alpha, and Kepulauan Selatan Epsilon. The latter is also the only communications outpost to host a SAM.


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