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Corda Dracon: Centcom
Corda Dracon Centcom Overview.jpg
The entire base, seen from above.
Settlement in Medici
Type Regional central command
Region Insula Dracon
Province Corda Dracon
Coordinates N 40 42.725
E 5 36.275
Missions that take place here Tangled Up In Blue

Corda Dracon: Centcom is a regional central command base in Just Cause 3.


The base is built on the ruins of an old star fortress. It is the military Central Command (CentCom) base for Insula Dracon, and as such, can be assumed to be the headquarters of the military in this region.

It has a large central tower, which looks like an air traffic control tower, or a flak tower. Other parts of the base include an underground reactor facility, helicopter landing pads and lots of communications equipment.

Due to being a CentCom base, Corda Dracon is defended by FOW EMP canons, which can be disabled by completing the mission Electromagnetic Pulse. These cannons can later be replicated by unlocking/equipping the handheld FOW The Thunderbird.

The map description states: "Translatable literally as "Heart of the Dragon", Corda Dracon's central location and elevated vantage have long made it the key to controlling the region. The base's construction was the forerunner for the General's grand experiment of marrying classical and contemporary military installations, a theme later reproduced across Medici."

There are two Daredevil Jumps in the immediate vicinity: N 40 42.890 E 5 36.285 and N 40 42.790 E 5 36.590.

Before you complete the mission Tangled Up In Blue there are closed doors protecting the interior of the base.


The base is located on the coast of the Corda Dracon province. The base is mostly inside a mountain, although some buildings are visible on top of the mountain. There's an entrance for boats at sea level.

This base takes up the entirety of the Corda Dracon province.


Many Medici Military vehicles can be found at the base, including:



Completion without doing Electromagnetic Pulse (mission)

The FOW protecting this base are EMP cannons that disable any vehicles within the base.

Simply don't use vehicles and instead use your grappler and weapons resourcefully to complete the base. 

It is possible to liberate the base with the Bavarium Wingsuit. Interestingly, the EMP cannons will fire at you while in the Bavarium Wingsuit, but if you are hit, your wingsuit is not shut down by the pulse. Obviously Rico is not programmed as a vehicle.


  • In the beta, this base was called "Corda Dracon: Torre Central". See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • It is one of the three regional central command bases, along with Falco Maxime: Centcom and Cima Leon: Centcom.
  • When the enemy radio calls in "Here comes the cavalry!", Rico replies "Oh good, more targets.", which is unique to this location because at other locations when this same call happens, Rico replies with "Huh, these guys never learn.". Rico also says "Oh good, more targets." at Espia Alta when the enemy radio calls in "Roll out, combat positions.".
  • There are 4 titans found at this base and 7-9 ghost and there are two urga hrom d patroling the base .


Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches.

 Xbox One   A glitch can occur that causes the EMP cannons not to appear when first visiting the base. This can be fixed by the player dying.