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Rebel Corvette
Rebel Corvette, near Corda Dracon: Centcom.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Military ship
Weapons "Cannon" turret
Rarity Below average
List of owners The Rebellion
Medici Military
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) ~79.6
Top speed (mph) 43 (knots)

The Corvette is a ship in Just Cause 3. It has two versions: Rebel Corvette and Military Corvette.


Despite its size, the ship more closely resembles a fast attack craft rather than a corvette. It is one of the largest controllable boats featured in the series so far, surpassed only by the Triton Broadsider, Spearhead Transport, Tanker and Cargo ships.

The ship has three propellers and large diameter exhaust openings in the transom, suggesting that each screw is powered by a separate gas turbine. According to the Rebel drop info, the ship is armed with a 76 mm cannon which is in a turret at the front and highly effective at providing naval gunfire support.

The ship bears some resemblance to a real world Ystad-class fast attack craft, but is significantly scaled down which accounts for somewhat odd proportions. It also lacks the aft armament present on the Ystad-class, namely four medium-range surface-to-surface missile launchers. Similarly, the gun bears a strong resemblance to the Bofors 57 mm Mk I.

The turret has a small window at the front, possibly for the crew responsible of the aiming. There are also empty racks of unknown purpose on the sides. Ammunition for the gun would be stored inside the ship and moved up into the turret by a special small elevator. The fact that the racks are at a slight angle (front end higher) suggests that it is possible to load and launch some kind of rockets there.


The vessel can maintain a reasonable top speed, however, as a larger ship it lacks maneuverability in close quarters, especially at low speeds, with an extremely wide turning circle. Navigating in shallow waters or within smaller island chains can be problematic. It does, however, excel in deep waterways and on the open sea.

Top speed can be boosted to 64 knots with the Nitrous II gear mod.

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist expansion packs.

Mech Land AssaultEdit

Bavarium Sea HeistEdit


  • The Medici Military (and Black Hand in Mech Land Assault plus Bavarium Sea Heist) version is named Military Corvette, whilst The Rebellion version is named Rebel Corvette. The two versions differ only in color scheme.
  • Whilst not designated for this purpose, the rear deck of the Corvette is of an adequate size to land and transport small helicopters, other craft, or even an anti-aircraft gun or a SAM launcher, provided they are tethered securely. This is particularly useful when attempting to maneuver the ship in narrow waterways, with the second vehicle able to act as a tug of sorts or for added protection against aerial attack.
  • The cannon, when aimed towards the stern, can shoot through the bridge superstructure without damaging the ship.
  • When entered, the Black Hand version is still called "Military Corvette", but it has all the Black Hand markings, including the "17-2" easter egg which refers to Black Hand vehicles in Just Cause.
  • In a similar fashion to the system of Just Cause 1, there is a "17-2" in place of the Medici flags on the Black Hand version.
  • It is made by Capstone, as it is called "v1202_boat_capstone_corvette_rebel_01" in the game files.
  • The Medici Military version has "P028" on its side, possibly signifying its identification.
    • However, for all Military Corvettes to have that same pattern is highly improbable, considering it would make designation of a specific vessel nearly impossible.
  • The vessel is named after a small warship known as a corvette, however, in terms of tonnage and armament, it more closely resembles a smaller type of warship known as a fast attack craft. The ship is somewhat under-armed compared to real world fast attack crafts, which are typically armed with anti-ship missiles and torpedoes - both of which are missing on the Corvette.
    • Strangely, Mario Frigo refers to these as "battleships" in Abandon Ship, even though this type of naval craft is not a proper battleship. The front mounted cannon would make it more of a destroyer if anything, or still even a fast attack craft, so it's not known if Mario was using the term colloquially here, or if he misidentified the ship type.


Main article: Just Cause 3 Bugs and glitches.

 PC   Xbox One   It has been reported that sometimes the turret might start to aim higher than the cross-hair and eventually it will become non-responsive. To fix it, aim the gun down and then exit the vehicle for a moment. Alternatively, move the vertical angle of the gun up to the limit of its aiming range, and bring the gun back down. This will reset the gun to its normal range.

 PC   This ship is part of the Black Hand spawning everywhere bug, and as a result, it can spawn in the waters all over Medici from Insula Fonte to outside of the volcano. In truth, this vessel should only be patrolling the waters around Insula Lacrima and Scolio.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant does not exist in the base game, and can only be encountered if Mech Land Assault and/or Bavarium Sea Heist is installed.


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