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Costa Del Porto
Costa Del Porto (burning houses in trailer)
As seen in the "Burn it!" trailer.
Settlement in Medici
Type Town
Region Insula Fonte
Province Sirocco Nord
Coordinates N 40 39.330
E 5 42.880
Missions that take place here A Terrible Reaction

Costa Del Porto is a town in Just Cause 3.


Like most Towns in Medici, this is a coastal town composed of white stone houses with orange stone tile roofs.

General Di Ravello is known to have an intense hatred for this town, as stated in his audio diary. He wished to burn it before Mario Frigo started the Rebellion. This is most likely the reason the last sentence in the in-game map description exists.

The town has many statues of women and a large fountain in the center. A river goes through the town and there is a bridge across it.

This place definitely lives up to its claim as remarkably defensible, with natural protection by cliffs and open water making this place very difficult to besiege without modern tactics.

The town has a police station and a gas station.

The in-game map description is: ""Costa Del Porto" translates roughly into "coastal port" - a name that eloquently captures the town's quaint, no-frills history. Many make their living here fishing and selling their catch, though some are content to simply laze about cliffside and soak up the sun as waves crash against the rocks below. It's a town that's never done wrong by anyone and if you lived there, you'd be content to do no wrong yourself."

There is a Di Ravello tape located here.

Mission appearanceEdit

Main article: A Terrible Reaction.

The town is attacked by the Medici Military on orders from Di Ravello. This is done to lure out the Rebellion so it could be crushed. Rico has to defend the town from attacking forces and rescue Mario.

Significant plot details end here.

As the mission would have the player believe, the town gets completely destroyed or burned to the ground, but the only lasting change is the appearance of a CS Odjur wreck near one of the town's road entrances, which was probably one of the three attacking tanks during the mission.


The garage in this town is unlocked for business after liberation.


  • Civilian vehicles on the roads.
  • Military vehicles during the mission.
  • 3 CS Odjurs during the mission. (One wreck before and after the mission as well)
  • U41 Ptakojester during the mission. This plane was once incapable of being shot down during the mission, but can be now.


  • Regardless of whether the town is liberated or not, the military will still attack the town in the mission.
  • For some reason, this town is listed on a bus schedule in Solís. It's unknown if this is an easter egg or not.
  • The weapon cabinet in the police station is unique, as the CS44 Peacebringer and Urga Vdova 89 permanently spawn in that weapon cabinet. Usually they have random weapons.


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