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Costa Sud is a province in Just Cause 3.

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Costa Sud is one of the most populous provinces not only on Insula Striate, but also in the whole of Medici, mainly due to the town of Perla Est. There are also two monasteries in Costa Sud, which is unique for Insula Striate but shared with the province of Lavanda, located on Insula Fonte.

Costa Sud is also very mountainous, with three particularly large mountains on the coast. It is home to a total of two military outposts, one offshore rig, and the military airbase Griphon. The heavily fortified wall separating the north from the south of the island runs through Costa Sud.


Costa Sud is the most South-Eastern province on the island of Insula Striate.

Its neighbouring provinces are Litore Torto to the north, Umbra to the north-west, Val de Mar to the west and Prima in the south-west.

Settlements and points of interest


  • "Costa Sud" means "southern coast" both in Italian and Catalan languages.
  • Medici’s longest road ends in this province.
  • Costa Sud is one of two provinces in JC3 with two Monasteries, the other being Lavanda on Insula Fonte.