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A destructible port crane in Just Cause 2, here at Pulau Berendam.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 40
Armament needed Heavy arms fire or explosives
Value in Chaos points 500
Value in money 2500
Approximate safe distance during destruction Just don't be on them, and you'll be fine.

Cranes are large non-functioning machines in the Just Cause game series. Just Cause 4 has two functional cranes (a truck and a helicopter, see below).

San EsperitoEdit

The cranes in San Esperito (Just Cause (1)) are indestructible.


Panau (Just Cause 2) has a large number of 3 different cranes. Two of these types are sabotage destructible objects and can be destroyed to progress the game with Chaos points. Just like in the previous game, none of them can actually be used to lift anything.

  • By far the most common is the port crane that you can find in many of the ports and on all offshore rigs. Like all other government property they are painted grey and red with a white Panauan star. You can actually enter the cockpit, but the console inside it is not accessible.
  • The other destructible variant is the construction crane. It's only found at construction zones and other such places.
  • The last type is mounted on a military truck - the Fengding EC2 Lift.
  • H-62 Quapaw helicopters are often used to airlift things, but they aren't counted as cranes.

Destructibility (JC2)Edit

They are immune to small arms fire, but explosives, rockets or a Minigun will do. The cranes have different parts, eg. small crane arm, crane cockpit etc. Each destroyed crane will give 500 Chaos points and $2500. Just destroying one part will collapse the entire structure. This works similar to a Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue.

Locations (JC2)Edit

There are 40 of them in total.

Port cranesEdit

32 in total. All can be found at ports.

Construction cranesEdit

Construction cranes can be found at construction sites. These are of a more rarer type, as there are only 8. All of these locations except for Kem Pekan Selamat feature sidemissions.


Large cranes are back in Just Cause 3. There's several types of them and they're all indestructible.

Tall construction cranes:

  • At the western end of Citate Di Ravello.
  • At a skyscraper in the middle of the city.
  • Several smaller towns have them at construction yards.

Blue port cranes on rails:

Offshore rigs in Medici have 2 yellow cranes.

eDEN Corporation has some:

  • eDEN Airship and some of the surrounding platforms have small cranes on rails.
  • There's a weird machine inside the eDEN Airship that resembles a crane, but is well armed with multiple weapons. Seen in the mission Taking Control.
  • EDEN Station: The Spider has 1 old crane that makes metallic mechanical tension noise every few seconds.


Just Cause 4 is no exception to having cranes.

Tall construction cranes:

They always move and hold a container. The crane can be grappled swung around and the container can be moved along the boom and the container is full of red barrels. The crane is destructable.

  • They can be seen at some cities and bases.
  • Some are used in Dare Devils of Destruction DLC missions. These cranes stay on the map for a short while after the mission, at least until the player leaves the area.

Yellow hydraulic arm with a hook that dangles on a cable. Several meters tall.

  • At ports.
  • At construction sites in cities.
  • At some buildings on Isla Santuario.

Crane truck with a usable crane. See Armadillo Crane Truck. It's featured in some missions and can be unlocked for the supply drop.

  • Parked at several bases, airports and other locations.

Helicopter with a magnet on a cable. See Próspero Sky Crane. It's featured in some missions and can be unlocked for the supply drop.


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