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This article is about all the game content that has been known to have existed before the release of Just Cause 3, but was cancelled from the final release. For other games in the Just Cause game series, see Cut game content (disambiguation).

Why and how?Edit

Game developers often experiment with different game features before deciding on a final form. This often results in awesome, or interesting features being cancelled, in favour of something better/different, or sometimes just to save disk space. This article lists what the Modding community and more observant players in general have discovered.

A discussion about this is at Thread:23697.

Several things below may spoil things from the game, or its DLCs.


At one point the developers considered adding microtransactions into Just Cause 3. We know this from the screenshots that were leaked in November 2014, before the game was announced. The game developers denied this and said that they reconsidered their business model to stay with full price games. The final game does not have any microtransactions and is available at full price.

Altered names for vehicles, weapons and locationsEdit

A select few famous gamers on Youtube were each allowed to play the game prior to release for a total of one day and upload gameplay videos. These videos had different names for many items. Those videos also often had different tags on them, like "Pre-alpha", "Visuals not final" and such.

Weapon namesEdit

Location namesEdit

Vehicle namesEdit

According to a leaked screenshot and some game files, all vehicles seem to have been named something else initially and the names "Urga", "Autostraad", "Mugello" and "Stria" were in most cases added later.


Completely cut vehiclesEdit

*Nobody knows for sure what happened with the Custom and Premium vehicles. All that is known is that the vehicle files are still in the game. But when the game is modified to make the vehicles spawn, they are exact copies of the default vehicles.

The game files also mention:

  • "v1500_boat_solar_jetski_signature_01" - This could be the Stria PW 220 R-GT, but it's not really known.
  • "v0500_car_solar_oldmini_signature_01" - Could be the Stria Cucciola, but again, it's not really known.

Some large civilian ships also appear in a pre-release promotional artwork, but those have not been seen in the final game.

Similarly in two different artworks some kind of Medici Military ship can be seen, resembling a Kirov class battlecruiser, but this ship has also not been seen in the game. It could be that the Military Corvette replaced it.

In one of those two artworks, tanks with treads can be seen, revealing that the developers had apparently thought about adding tanks with treads into the game. Why they weren't added is unknown.

Mugello Vistosa rear endEdit

The Mugello Vistosa is the first JC3 sports car that was revealed in promotional materials. The rear end has been redesigned a little with additional ventilation holes. See the DLC Testcar looks similar due to its lack of a spoiler, but the DLC Testcar does have the additional rear ventilation mesh.

Urga Bkolos 2100Edit

Originally the Urga Bkolos 2100 armament was called "Tank cannon small". Now it is "Light cannon".

Weapon on Urga Szturm 63AEdit

If you take a close look at the MG on the Urga Szturm 63A you will realize something is wrong with the design. See a close up picture in the gallery below.

The gun mount has a blue ammunition box with a bullet feed that goes nowhere, while the MG itself also has an ammunition box and bullet feed. This means that at one point in time, this vehicle was supposed to have another weapon on top of it.

Antenna on the Imperator Bavarium TankEdit

The Imperator Bavarium Tank used to have a long vertical antenna on the turret.

Urga Hrom DEdit

The promotional artwork version seems even wider and has large external fuel tanks on the sides. This one lacks color, suggesting it was in development before being changed into a simple design.

In even more previous concept art, it was revealed to be painted green, and to have a different tail rotor, more resembling one from an Apache or Mi-28.

Police Stria JoiaEdit

At the same time the Medici Police Department was depicted, the police Joias were seen in a clean form. In the final game, these are now rusted and decaying, indicating they haven't been used for a long time.

According to the "The art of Just Cause 3" book that came with the collectors edition: "The graphic design on this police car was inspired by the Lamborghini's used in Italy's police force. As the game progressed and we phased out the police forces, these cars are now, for narrative reasons, abandoned throughout the countryside but still driveable."

Pre-release screenshots from the Medici Police Department page will show how the Stria Joia would be in a clean color.

Urga MstitelEdit

The Rebel drop shows a picture of a blue Rebellion version that has yellow windows. All helicopters of this type that appears in the game, regardless of version, have red windows.

In concept art, it was also revealed to resemble the Kamov Ka-52 more, featuring a single machine gun mount, coaxial rotors, an upwards pointing tail fin and ordinary glass windows. It seems inferior to the Urga Hrom D, or possibly even the CS Navajo.

CS Comet colorEdit

In concept art of the CS Comet, it was revealed that it would originally be painted in a navy gray, with the letters "787" on the side.

CS Baltdjur colorEdit

As revealed through concept art, the CS Baltdjur was originally painted green. No other changes were noticed in the images.

Stria Gioco shapeEdit

As revealed in concept art, the Stria Gioco originally had a much different grille, headlights. Also noted were larger headlights, windows and wing mirrors. This was originally manufactured by 'Solar', revealed by the label on the rear.

eDEN Corporation Urga Szturm 63AEdit

It has been reported that apparently in the game files for the Mech Land Assault DLC there was supposed to be a unique Urga Szturm 63A in this faction's colors, but it didn't make its way into the DLC.

This vehicle was apparently meant to be in the Hive and at the eDEN Station: The Spider, as said in the game files. Like the other old eDEN drones it was rusted, had no roof-mounted lights and also had no slant back. It was meant to have a hardtop instead of the slant back, as well as feature an anti-aircraft gun and a spare tire under the chassis. It had a spot light on the anti-aircraft gun. This same vehicle was also apparently meant to be a sunken object under the Stingray, but the developers removed that too.

U41 PtakojesterEdit

The U41 Ptakojester had many previous designs before the final. First the tail was suppose to be a T-shape tail, similar to a C-5 Galaxy. Secondly, there were little humps near the middle, like the An-225 Mriya, and the cargo door was changed too. The door originally had two latches holding the ramp up, just like real life cargo planes, and the door seemed to be able to be controlled fully on how it comes down, seeing as in the E3 trailer, it's only half way up.


Citate Di Ravello in an early screenshot has a communication mast in the area between the old town and Di Ravello's palace. For unknown reasons the communication mast does not appear in the released game.


  • "Stun gun" - Discovered by a modder, who made it available in a mod. It's reported to be brokenish.
  • "DLC test gun" - Discovered by a modder, who made it available in a mod. "Some kind of pink shotgun with no sounds and weird projectiles (also has no reload function so i recommend using a trainer to give it infinite shots)"
  • "GuitaRPG" rocket launcher has been found in the game files. It's a guitar case that shoots rockets. This was likely the weapon for the cut mafia faction. Rico holds this weapon in a unique aiming pose.

Weapons on Rico's backEdit

An early promotional screenshot shows the weapons on Rico's back being pointed downward and being completely paralleled. ( as in jc4) Now they're pointing up and are angled as a V.

One screenshot shows there being two Urga Vdova 89 MGs on Rico's back. In the final game it is not possible to carry two of the same two-handed weapon.

Mounted gun top handlesEdit

The mounted machine guns on vehicles have handles on top, similar to the Urga Vulkan minigun. Maybe it was originally possible to carry them?

Grenade launcher like in JC2Edit

One of the pre-announcement leaked screenshots (see below in the gallery) shows Rico using a weapon that is not seen. The weapon icon looks like the Grenade Launcher from Just Cause 2. This refers to the forth picture in the gallery.


Medici Police DepartmentEdit

According to pre-release promotional materials, the Medici Police Department was supposed to be in the game as a functional police force, but this was cancelled. The Modifying community has found models and script settings for them in the game files.

The police is still mentioned in the collectable Di Ravello tapes.


Just like the police, model and script remains still exist in the game files. According to the "The art of Just Cause 3" book that comes with the collectors edition of the game, Looch is one of the mafia characters. The book also has about 10 drawings of different mafia member heads.

These guys were likely armed with the "GuitaRPG" weapon.

Black HandEdit

Apparently there was another character model called "Elite" that for unknown reasons, didn't make it into the game. It heavily resembles the in-game "Aegis" character model, of which, it is possible that "Elite" was renamed to "Aegis" and the old Aegis model (second character from left) was scrapped. (See gallery below)

Black Market/game menuEdit

The leaked screenshots also show several different ways for the Black Market/game menu to be displayed.

Originally Rico was supposed to access an unknown menu named "Profile" on his Grappling hook (see gallery below). It listed provinces, which due to the game being incomplete, were named "Province O" and "Province B" at "REGION1". It also listed "Air Time".

The final design of the Grappler still has a small screen on it that displays multiple statistics. The full-size grappler model that came with the collectors edition of the game also has the same screen and allows a better view:

  • The parachute has been open for 30 seconds.
  • The time is 13:56.
  • There's 2/3 of battery left.
  • The player is heading to the north-west.
  • There's a challenge 3000 meters to the north north-east.
  • The player has traveled 437 meters down from where he jumped.
  • The player is currently in the air and has been in the air for 38 seconds.

Burnt town LODEdit

The burnt towns in Insula Striate look much lighter from the distance. The light walls are only visible at the most distant LOD level. Maybe they were originally suppose to have lighter walls, like the usual ancient ruins, or maybe they were normal towns, until changed to appear in ruins?

Abandon ShipEdit

According to some pre-release screenshots and a video, this mission was supposed to take place during the day time, but the mission now takes place at night entirely.

Also, a part of the opening cut-scene was used in a trailer. That cut-scene was later remade for the final game. In the final version Tom is not wearing his hat and the discussion takes place at Dimahs lab, instead of an empty room.

Kasabian Trailer animated sequenceEdit

The beginning sequence of the "Kasabian Trailer" is animated and features multiple things that don't exist in that form in the final game:

  • Suspension bridge that resembles the bridges around Panau City. There are no suspension bridges in Medici.
  • Rico's Mugello Vistosa does not have a spoiler. Originally the rear end of that car was indeed different. See above in the "Mugello Vistosa rear end" section. The different Vistosa still exists in the game files, allowing some Modifications (PC only) to spawn it for use.
  • The CS Navajo in the video is armed with a machine gun, in addition to the missiles. In the final game it has two types of missiles and no machine gun.
  • The Urga Postolka in the video is armed with a single machine gun in the front center. In the final game it has two, mounted under small wings on the sides.
  • Rico is armed with an unknown rocket launcher. There are several Rocket Launchers in Just Cause 3, but not that one.
    • It could be a Fire Leech in beta form. The design looks vaguely similar to it.


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