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Cutler-Randall Conquistador
JC1 promotional art - hijacking a Cutler-Randall Conquistador
Promotional art
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Old, but sporty convertible
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Rioja Cartel
Montano Cartel
The Agency

The Cutler-Randall Conquistador is a car in Just Cause (1).


The Cutler-Randall Conquistador is based on 1950s American cars. It's large, luxurious and flashy. So flashy, in fact, that the Riojas and Montanos both use it as their most common non-armed car.


A car like this clearly isn't designed for stunts and the high-speed handling is not exactly great, but it's still the sportiest non-sports car.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Locations
Civilians Random colors
Rioja Cartel Yellowish
  • In traffic, all over San Esperito.
  • Appears in some Rioja Cartel missions.
Montano Cartel Purple
  • In traffic, all over San Esperito.
  • Appears in some Rioja Cartel missions.
Agency Black


  • Some contributors say this vehicle resembles the real world Edsel Corsair.
  • It's made by the fictional Cutler company.
  • The Agency version is the only one that appears in missions only. It's still obtainable like all the other versions.


The Agency versionEdit

Rioja Cartel versionEdit

Montano Cartel versionEdit

Civilian versionEdit