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Dalton N90
Dalton N90
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Pick-up / ute
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Roaches
Ular Boys
Panau Military (at Pulau Berapi)
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 62
Acceleration 58
Armour 58
Handling 57

The Dalton N90 is a large pick-up truck in Just Cause 2.


It closely resembles the Dodge M80 concept. The name is similar as well, so it's assumed that the N90 is based on the M80. All of the ones owned by the Roaches sport their signature light blue paint job. The Roaches' insignia is painted on the doors. It is also found in jungle camouflage at Pulau Berapi, Ular Boys yellow in Bridging New Contacts and red in the "Gunung Raya Downhill" race.

Oddly, it is the only faction vehicle that has an alarm which will go off when you shoot it or strike it with the grappling hook. This is a trait only possessed by civilian vehicles. It floats when in water, making it the only amphibious vehicle owned by a faction as well.

It's one of the three green-marked vehicles that will give you heat for driving it, the others being the Marten Storm III and the Maddox FVA 45.


Though the Dalton is one of the few unarmed faction vehicles, during high speed skirmishes the Roaches member riding shotgun will often lean out the passenger door and fire at Panau Military forces with a Submachine Gun.


The Dalton N90 has fairly good handling and is an acceptable off-road vehicle. It has relatively poor acceleration, but a good top speed when driving on a slope. It's a good vehicle for cruising around the cities and discovering settlements.



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