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Character in Just Cause 3
Job Past President of Medici
Last known status Dead

Dante is a character mentioned in Just Cause 3.

Personal InfoEdit

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All info about him is revealed in Di Ravello tapes.

President Dante was the elected President of Medici before Di Ravello seized power. During his presidency Medici became increasingly unstable as a rebellion brewed in the southern islands, leading to the calling of a presidential election. He ran against Rosa Manuela and was trailing her in the polls by election day. He was killed in the town of Olivo Moro in Insula Dracon on election day, giving Di Ravello an excuse to institute martial law and thereby the opportunity to seize control of Medici.

The Eden Callaghan tapes reveal that Dante was the one who arranged the first "dealings" between Medici and the eDEN Corporation. He introduced the company to Bavarium by showing several samples of it to Eden Callaghan and later agreed to lease the islands of Insula Lacrima to eDEN.

When Dante was killed, Ms. Callaghan initially felt very reluctant to continue eDEN's business in Medici. However, The Agency pressured her into working with Di Ravello.

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