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Dawson 61 Sports Model
Dawson 61 Sports Model
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Sawed-off shotgun
Usage One handed
Maximum ammunition carried 32
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 2
List of owners Guerrillas

The Dawson 61 Sports Model is a sawed-off shotgun in Just Cause (1).


It's a typical sawed-off shotgun with only 2 shells in the chambers maximum.

It's pretty much a more realistic version of the sawed-off shotgun from Just Cause 2 but the details of this version are less emphasized on. The break-barrel action that would be done to reload an actual sawn-off shotgun is not present when reloaded in game. It has similar features to the Just Cause 2 version such as the trigger grip, barrel size and if one can get a close view of it, it has the same trigger as the Just Cause 2 version.


It is realistically powerful and its range is short as well. It is powerful enough to kill any target in one shot, provided that the target is close enough. It is not good for firefights where the player is heavily outnumbered, unless the player is behind cover and knows how to fight with close-quarter weapons. Players do not have a choice of firing one specific barrel (otherwise known as a double-lever trigger).

It's capable of destroying normal or weak vehicles within 5-7 reloads within the same part of the target. Be careful when and where to use this weapon as ammo for it during heated confrontations is quite scarce. Refills at safehouses are the main method of regaining ammunition.


  • Used by Guerrilla patrols. Mostly used when a province is politically unstable. The soldiers in green clothing use it only, however.
  • You're most likely to find it on a Guerrilla soldier during a Liberation.


  • The "Sports Model" probably refers to the weapons original intended use, from before the barrels were cut short.
  • It looks very similar to the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Just Cause 2.


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