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Defense Cannons
JC4 Black Hand base with large artillery and helicopters
Pre-launch artwork of a base with these cannons.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Automated turret
Usage Automated
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinite
To unlock Not available at the supply drop
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos

The Defense Cannon is a weapon in Just Cause 4.


It is the largest type of automated gun turret, with an extremely long barrel. It is safe to assume it has an enormous caliber as well, due to the huge barrel diameter. It looks more like a normal cannon, but it functions as a railgun, which means that it uses electromagnets to propel a small metal projectile. Weapons of this type should be great as long-range artillery, but they need a line of sight to the target.


These turrets are invulnerable to any weapons and cannot be grappled, but they are easy to avoid thanks to their large size and slow movement. These massive guns are powerful enough to destroy a tank in one hit or destroy a very large and armored vehicle such as the Spearhead Transport in only two or three hits. Normally they are incapable of hitting Rico when he's moving, however if the player should stay at the same place (or small area) in a cannons field of view, they can almost kill Rico in just one hit.

In region strikes at bases where these cannons are, these cannons can prove fairly dangerous until the mission is over or at a certain point in the mission where they are deactivated.

Standing near the turret is perfectly safe, as the long barrel is too long to aim near the turret.

When the cannon is about to fire, the barrel of the cannon will have a red glare.

Pressing AR Scan right on this will say:




  • It is possible to destroy a similar type of turret by this guide:
    • Use the grappler's retractor mode to connect the turret's gun to the ground, so that it wouldn't be able to rotate and shoot at Rico.
    • Then use the grappler to pull off all the maintenance panels marked with an "X".
    • Shooting at, or grappling the components inside will damage the turret and if all are damaged, the turret is destroyed.
    • Be careful as that turret will emit a shock wave that can send you back giving the turret a chance to finish you off.
  • After taking over certain bases for the Army of Chaos, the turrets will fire on any Black Hand.
  • While this cannon can most likely kill Rico in one successful hit (because it can destroy targets stronger than Rico), the massive damage output of this gun is significantly reduced when hitting Rico just so that the player can stay alive after one hit.
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