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Demolition Officer
Demolition officer
At the shaft in the Kastelo Singa base.
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Casino Bust
Faction Panau Military
Job Demolition officer
Last known status Dead

Demolition Officers are characters in Just Cause 2.


They're members of the Panau Military. As the name suggests, they are in charge of demolitions.

Demolition officers wear gray "bomb-squad" style protective suits. They are seen armed with Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns, or, sometimes even SMGs. Besides shooting, they will throw Triggered Explosives at Rico when attacking him. Depending on where he stands while throwing, the explosives might stick onto an object right in front of him, but those will never explode near him. When a demolition officer is killed, he drops about six to eight Fragmentation Grenades, which for some reason flash with red light and make a beeping noise. These explode after about five seconds, dealing heavy damage to everything around him (enemy soldiers standing nearby are usually killed instantly). Demolition Officers are quite tough, able to take slightly more damage than an elite soldier.

As with all other enemies, any weapon will kill them if you can hit them in the head. More powerful weapons kill faster and shooting from greater range can cause less damage. Very rarely you will be able to kill them by running them over or crushing them with a heavy object. Using explosives of your own is still effective, but don't use them until at least the third upgrade to avoid having to use a lot of them for one target.



  • If the above was counted correctly, there are approximately 24 or 25 of these soldiers in Panau, making them a relatively rare enemy.
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