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Demon Crossbow
JC4 Los Demonios (first trailer, Rico holds the crossbow).png
As seen in the DLC announcement trailer.
Weapon in Just Cause 4
Type Crossbow
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 60
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 1
To unlock Complete The Artifact
List of owners Rico (only user)

The Demon Crossbow is a weapon in Just Cause 4. It's added by the Los Demonios DLC.


It's a crossbow with a weird design. It was constructed by the Qacha people some time over 500 years ago.


It has 60 arrows/bolts, but needs to be reloaded after each shot. The arrows leave a visible trail in the air.

It also has different fire options triggered through secondary fire. "Quick draw" is the default and makes it fire faster. "Overdraw" makes it slower, but more powerful. Overdraw is very useful against growths and the source when fighting infestations.

It's very effective against the flying insect monsters, killing them in 1 hit, but seems to be mediocre against most other things. It is very good against Agents in the Danger Rising DLC, because it one-hit-kills them while they are somewhat difficult to kill with other small-arms.

Shooting at the demons, or any other NPC, pins them to any hard surface behind them (if there is one). Note that pinning someone/something to a hard surface doesn't necessarily kill them. In fact, only civilians, Army of Chaos rebels and Black Hand grunts can die from pinning to a wall. However, nailing an NPC to a wall permanently demobilizes them. Hence, doing this can make killing enemy soldiers much easier since they can't fight back.


  • Is provided in the mission The Artifact.
  • Becomes available at the supply drop after the aforementioned mission.
  • It's also possible (though somewhat rare) to find it in Black Hand and Army of Chaos weapon crates that are located in Demon-infested areas, or areas that used to be Demon-infested. Most crates have random content, so occasionally there may even be multiple of the same.
  • Ammunition can also be picked up from dead demons. This provides 5 bolts.


  • Some pre-launch gameplay videos showed it having infinite ammunition, but this was later changed. Some of these videos also showed its fire modes being called "Mode one" and "Mode two".
  • Initially when the DLC came out, it had 120 of ammunition. This seems to have been downgraded to 60 in some patch. See also: Cut game content from Just Cause 4.
  • Rico has several unique lines when picking up a crossbow such as "A taste of their own medicine" and "Skewering time!"