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Di Ravello billboard
Just Cause 3 Billboard
A Billboard in Surpicco.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount Unknown
Armament needed Small Arms Fire
Value in Chaos points 200

Di Ravello billboards are Sabotage Destructable Objects in Just Cause 3.


The billboards are painted with a wavy Medician Flag, a picture of Di Ravello on the right and some writing on the left.

They say "Di Ravello" in bold and in Medician language "Pace, Derecte, Securitate, Prosperitate" (Romanian for Peace, Security, Prosperity, whilst "Derecte" is Latin for "direct") above it.
Di Ravello propaganda poster

One of the earliest promotional pictures for the game.


Billboards are easily to destroy, needing just small arms fire to destroy them. Shooting will cause chunks to chip off where the bullets impact and it is possible to wrench it from its support using the grapple. A grenade or Grappler cable will easily destroy it.


  • At most, if not all, Towns in Medici. They're at the edge of town, next to a road. Depending on the road network, there may be multiple of them.
  • Citate Di Ravello has several of them throughout the city.


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