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Drone Depot
Drone Depot
On a flying platform near the Stern Section.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 3
Total amount 6 (+ 1 during missions)
Armament needed Heavy weapons
Value in Chaos points 200
Approximate safe distance during destruction ~20 meters

The Drone Depot is a sabotage destructible object in Just Cause 3. It only appears as a part of DLCs.


It's a depot where drones are kept. The top rotates a little every once in a while and launches drones out of the three doors. It only shoots out light drones.

Comically, it is occasionally possible that it destroys a drone by launching a container at a flying drone.

Waiting near a depot should eventually result in a dense cloud (flock?) of drones. This may need testing. (And a screenshot!)


It requires heavy weaponry to destroy, but occasionally they damage themselves if they manage to launch a new drone into a close by drone that explodes from the impact.


The Drone Depot is very rare, as it can only be found at relatively few places:



In this Sky Fortress DLC advertisement, these destructibles also have the ability to launch suppression drones. Whether this is in the final released DLC is yet to be seen.

Sky Fortress Trailer - Just Cause 3 NA

Sky Fortress Trailer - Just Cause 3 NA