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No known image of this character exists.
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Di Ravello tapes
Faction Medici Military
Job Sergeant Major
Drill Sergeant
Last known status Dead

Drill Sergeant Dushku is a character in Just Cause 3.

Personal infoEdit

Most of Dushku's background remains unknown, the only information given is that he was a drill sergeant in the Medici Military and that he used to train Di Ravello when he was recruited into the Medici Military.


The only mentions of him are in the Di Ravello tapes.

Dushku was the drill sergeant in charge of training Di Ravello's unit for military service. Di Ravello hated him from the beginning, even going so far as to spike his coffee. Di Ravello also mentions in his diaries that he (Di Ravello) exploited Dushku's proclivity (desire) for alcohol to gain entry into the officer training program. Di Ravello slowly turned his unit against Dushku. Eventually, Di Ravello's friend and "sacrificial lamb" Private Bonnet assaulted and almost killed Dushku, but Di Ravello shot and killed Bonnet so that "no words could be spoken". It's likely that Di Ravello convinced Bonnet to attack Dushku. Dushku was handicapped after the incident. Once Di Ravello graduated, Dushku was promoted to Sergeant Major to continue his career.

He delivered news of a vote for "Di Ravello day" to President Dante himself, but Di Ravello wasn't done with Dushku yet.

In his later entries, Di Ravello says he falsified an audio message of a conspiracy by the political elite that threatens Medici's sovereignty and sent it to Dushku. Dushku believed the false message and in his disgust, Dushku deserted the Medici Military and joined De Luca's rebellion. This was all a part of Di Ravello's plan to create an enemy force to coup the government of Medici. Once in the De Luca's rebellion, Dushku recruited child soldiers to fight in De Luca's Insurgency and possibly even used them for terrorist attacks. After many escapes, Dushku and De Luca were captured and forced by Di Ravello to fight to the death. Dushku was killed by De Luca who then turned his sights on Di Ravello only to meet a quick death by Di Ravello's gun, "The Little General".

Eventually the democratic government in Medici was overthrown by Di Ravello, who became the dictator of Medici.


  • He is one of under 10 minor characters who have no picture and who only appear in the game's backstories.
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