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eDEN Airspace is a region in Just Cause 3.
Eden Airspace region and eDEN Airship province map

Map of the area.


It appears only as a part of the Sky Fortress DLC and it's the smallest region in Medici.

eDEN Airspace is the region where the eDEN Corporation's massive airship, the eDEN Airship, is located. The region has one small island under the Bow Section. Its borders clash with Insula Fonte. The region consists of only one "province" called "eDEN Airship", which consists of two settlements known as "Bow Section" and "Stern Section".

  • Stern Section - The eDEN Airship's Bavarium processing section. It is also where the ship's engines and self-sustaining energy systems are.
  • Bow Section - The eDEN Airship 's Bavarium refining and storage section. It is also used for communications.



It is located south-west of Albeto Pero in Insula Fonte.


  • eDEN Airspace is the smallest out of all six (DLC included) regions of Medici.
  • The reason why this area is programmed as a region with a province and settlements is due to Game limits.
  • A very small part of the towns Albeto Pero and Rondella are included into the region, although this was likely not intended by the developers.

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