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EDEN Station: The Goose
EDEN Station the Goose.png
Settlement in Medici
Type Research facility and communications jamming station.
Region Insula Lacrima
Province Nebio Sud
Coordinates N 40 51.945; E5 36.185
Missions that take place here Storming the Hive starts here.

The eDEN Station: The Goose is a settlement in Just Cause 3. It only appears in the Mech Land Assault DLC.


This facility has two large surveillance masts, two Suppression drones, an empty hangar, multiple small buildings capable of being entered, and a few more things.

Odd strange things:

In-game map description: "The eDEN Station "The Goose" used to be primarily a research facility focused on climate research and communication jamming, ensuring the island was not visible to outsiders. Its present overgrown state tells the tale of a typical, very successful corporation from the mid-seventies to the early nineties: on the first working day, highly qualified, dedicated employees were required to relocate to Lacrima permanently and start an advanced induction program consisting mostly of kitschy orientation videos and morale-boosting cakes on Friday afternoon or during crunch periods."



  • The eDEN Corporation disappeared before flat screens became available, but the computer at the lab here has one. The Hive also has one at the lobby. This can be considered an anachronism.


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