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EDEN Station: The Pegasus
EDEN Station The Pegasus
Settlement in Medici
Type Research facility
Region Insula Lacrima
Province Nebio Nord
Coordinates N 40 52.370
E 5 36.080
Missions that take place here None

eDEN Station: The Pegasus is a location in Just Cause 3 that appears as a part of the Mech Land Assault DLC.


In-game map description:

"The eDEN Station "The Pegasus" used to be a research facility focused on self-perpetuating organisms and alternative energy sources. It was here that the potential of Bavarium was discovered, which ultimately led to the development of the ill-fated Large-Scale Fragmentation Device. Additionally, the Black Hand found cryptic documents mentioning an underground chamber. Its main purpose was allegedly to warp space and time, and allow the island to teleport to a different part of the world. The documents were titled "eDEN Corporation DLC - Deterministic Location Control."

One Suppression drone guards this place from the Black Hand and the likes of Rico, although unlike many other former eDEN bases, this place has no Black Hand presence.

The "eDEN Corporation DLC" documents probably refer to the teleporting/wormhole technology used in the 3 abandoned, but functional, teleport silos. More about this at:



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