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EDEN Station: The Rogue
EDEN Station The Rogue
Settlement in Medici
Type Flight-test facility
Region Insula Lacrima
Province Nebio Nord
Coordinates N 40 52.325 E 5 37.830
Missions that take place here None

eDEN Station: The Rogue is a flight-test facility in Just Cause 3. It only appears in the Mech Land Assault DLC.


In-game map description: "The eDEN Station "The Rogue" used to be mostly a flight-test facility for the drone program the eDEN Corporation worked on. To that end, they developed a drone deployer that was able to launch drones and make them operational right away. The drone department was working hand-in-hand with the AI department to provide the drones with an autonomous AI. Thanks to Bavarium, the achievements of the AI program far exceeded expectations, and soon, CEO Eden Callaghan decided to synthesize her own voice for the corporation's cutting-edge, nearly autonomous AI assistant."

The described "drone deployer" is the Drone Depot, which is still active and therefore starts ejecting drones as soon as Rico comes close enough. The station consists of seven buildings, built around an 80m long runway and an air traffic control tower. The station is located on top of a small mountain. A large metallic structure is built behind the Drone Depot, but its purpose is unknown. Three crashed drones are scattered around the base and a big eDEN logo stands next to the entrance.

Two Suppression drones and the ejected drones guard this place from the Black Hand and Rico.

Another defensive feature is a small guard cabin at the road entrance.

Nearby points of interestEdit

  • There is a lighthouse just north from this settlement. Rico can spawn at that lighthouse when the game is started.



  • With only 80m the runway is too short for normal planes, however a good pilot can still land anything here.


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