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Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación
ERL (guerrilla) flag
Their flag.
Faction in Just Cause
Goal, or purpose To overthrow the military dictatorship of general Salvador Mendoza
Ideology Left-wing
Leader José Caramicas
Starting base, or HQ Unknown
Source of money Popular support of the people,
Uncle Sam

The Ejército Revolucionario de Liberación a.k.a. "the Guerrillas" a.k.a. The Peoples Revolutionary Army of San Esperito (PRASE) is an para-military faction in Just Cause (1).


They're the main force opposing Salvador Mendoza's government in San Esperito. They are led by José Caramicas. An alliance between The Agency and the guerrillas is formed after the mission Breakout, in which Rico frees Caramicas from the El Grande Fort. They're also in an alliance with the Rioja Cartel. Their Faction color is green.

Rico can do sidemissions for them to liberate settlements and Provinces and to unlock safehouses. Increasing ones rank in the Guerrilla army will unlock different vehicles and weapons at the safehouses.

This faction is similar to the Reapers, in Just Cause 2. They both represent left-wing politics and want to cause a revolution.

If you complete all the storyline missions, Provincia Aguilar and Isla Dominio are guaranteed to be under their control (marked green on the PDA political map).

The name "The Peoples Revolutionary Army of San Esperito (PRASE)" appears only in the game manual.


Theoretically after liberating all the military bases, all the military vehicles in them should technically belong to the Guerrillas, but some military vehicles don't have their colors or logo changed after being captured like, the Rage-Johnston F6 Comet. It can be captured at La Perdida Military Base, but it will always spawn in blue and gray color and always spawn with the logo of the San Esperito Military. The Guerrillas didn't bother to repaint it, or in other words, the developers never intended for spawning vehicles to change allegiance.

Patrol vehicles

Land Vehicles


In Liberations or Sidemissions

Land Vehicles


Provided at safehouses

Note all these vehicles are unmarked and as you promote, the land, nautical, and air vehicles are slowly replaced. The land vehicles are replaced much more quickly, while the sea and air vehicles are only replaced once.

Land Vehicles


Nautical vehicles


  • The all green camouflage soldier model was once though to be a special forces soldier of the San Esperito Military, because of a glitch that made friendly soldiers turn on the player randomly during Liberations.
  • They're the only faction in the game that uses the Dawson 61 Sports Model.
  • Their flag is almost identical to the flag of Burkina Faso, a nation in Africa.



Patrol vehicles

Vehicles exclusive of the liberations

Vehicles exclusive for sidemissions

Vehicles provided at safehouses

Miscellaneous vehicles



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