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El Gato
JC1 El Gato village
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Village
Province Isla de la Asuncion
Missions that take place here Guerrilla sidemissions

El Gato is a village in Just Cause.


It's a medium size village with at least one outdoor market, a police station, a Guerrilla-owned garage (used in sidemissions), a church and a number of private houses and possible small stores.
JC1 water towers at El Gato

Water towers.

What makes this village unique in the Just Cause Universe is the fact that it has 6 Water Towers. Next to those are three stacks of shipping containers with a total of at least 21 containers. This area with towers and containers is considered an industrial area, because the game plays industrial noises here.


Near the south-west corner of Isla de la Asuncion. The village is slightly inland, but a small gulf ends right next to the town, on its southern side. There's a steep hill on the northern side of the village.

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