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Surveillance Airship
Emsavion Cropduster and Surveillance Airship
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 4
Total amount 24
Armament needed Any, though missiles, grenades and railguns work best
Value in Chaos points 4000
Approximate safe distance during destruction Unknown
Emsavion Airship
Surveillance Airship (rear, near tornado)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Rigid airship
Weapons None (although drones can be rammed)
Rarity Common
List of owners Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) 107
Top speed (mph) 66.5

The Emsavion Airship, also known as Surveillance Airship, is a chaos object and vehicle in Just Cause 4.


The Surveillance Airship is a rigid airship, made by the company Aeros. The rear of the airship has three thrust engines while two additional ducted fan engines are on the sides to aid with steering. It's painted in Black Hand faction colors and symbols: Entirely black, with a few thin red stripes.

Judging by the appearance, it's not completely sure if they are blimps, or rigid airships. The difference is that a blimp is supported by its internal gas pressure, where as rigid airships have a rigid metal frame. Sargento mentions that they're rigid airships at the beginning of the "Meteolab Grab" mission. Two locations in the desert have an odd frame on the ground that looks a lot like the support frame of a rigid airship.

The cabin has 8 seats, but strangely the front 2 seats are facing backwards and the pilot has to stand up.


Really slow and slow to react to controls. It's not possible to fly it sideways. It's safe to land it on water, because it can't be forced into the water. It'll just hover very close to the water.

The "Surveillance Airships" are easiest to destroy with the missiles from the rocket powered Wingsuit, if available. It takes about 6 missiles to destroy it, meaning at least two passes with the wingsuit.

Versions and locationsEdit

Black HandEdit


This version is bright blue on the top and white on the bottom.


There are at least two wrecks. These consist of the metal frame.

  • At that valley in the desert that has turrets shooting at anyone who drives there.
  • At the western end of the debris field south of Zona Uno.
  • In the Lago Bajo Qacha. It seems to be higher out of water during the Infestation in the Lake.




Nerd³ Plays..

Nerd³ Plays... Just Cause 4 - Here We Tornado Again

The airship is at 2:49.

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