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This whole island is Encarnacion, with the exception of a coastal area near the airport. Picture taken from a Black Hand Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt.
Province in San Esperito
Destabilized by Some Enchanted Evening
Location in country The exact middle.

Encarnacion is a Province in Just Cause.


It's a medium-sized province, surrounded by rivers.

Other than one of the 4-lane main roads that passes through here and a road that connects the main road to the town, the road system is extremely terrible. There are multiple small roads that begin randomly in the middle of a jungle and end end the same way. Some of those road ends are at least near each-other, so it's easily possible to drive through the jungle to get to another road, but the AI/NPC drivers get confused and turn around.

It's unknown if the province name has a spelling error, or if the military base name has a spelling error. One of them has a usual "o" and the other has an "ó".

On this above note, this is one of three provinces with that is one word, although Resolucion is technically a city. All other provinces, even Costa Brava and Costa Verde have 2 or more words in their name.




This video shows the Encarnación military base:

(HD) Encarnación, Military base - Just Cause 1

(HD) Encarnación, Military base - Just Cause 1

This video shows San Marco:

(HD) San marco - Just Cause 1

(HD) San marco - Just Cause 1