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Esperito City
Huerta PA51 Aztek.png
Huerta PA51 Aztek above Esperito City - North.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type The capital city of San Esperito.
Province [[Divided between Resolucion and Provincia Mendoza City.]]
Missions that take place here Streets of Fire
Dismissed Without Honors
Two car Races

Esperito City is a city in Just Cause (1).

Special relevance

This city is the capital city of San Esperito and is comprised of two halves. These are separate for liberation purposes. The city blocks adhere to a strict grid pattern of squares and rectangles.

According to the game manual, this city contains the parliament building, which was stormed by the army of General Salvador Mendoza, when he took power in San Esperito. This happened one week before the events of the game. Unfortunately this building can not be found in the game. Maybe the parliament operated in one of the generic skyscrapers.

Esperito City - North

It's located in the Resolucion province.

It has an industrial area, on the "main land" and a residential area with higher buildings on an artificial island.

Esperito City - South

Located in the Provincia Mendoza City province.

Tips for Liberation

  • Sometimes the AI flies very low, making the helicopter extremely susceptible to a rocket launcher if you happen to have one. They don't really fly much lower than during village liberations, but they look lower because there's no trees in the way.
  • Unless you are a master of evasion, do not get a helicopter during this city's liberation, because a Black Hand Delta MAH-15 Chimaera will almost immediately appear and fire its 4 missiles, blowing up your helicopter and possibly killing you, unless you manage to quickly bail out.
  • The easiest way to liberate the city is to get the Ballard M5B1 Scout from the Rioja 07 "Motor City" safehouse. If you don't have that safehouse yet, just do some more sidemissions for the Rioja Cartel.


  • On the Playstation 2 version of the game, a message will come up saying "RESTRICTED AIRSPACE, Turn around or we will open fire!" when the player is near Esperito City in an aircraft and the player's aircraft will catch fire, although nothing has been fired at the plane or helicopter. If all the sidemissions are completed for both North & South areas of the city, this message will not show up and the player can fly around the city without any problem at all.
  • When liberating either the southern or northern area, the province of that area is Guerrilla stable as there are no other settlements within the provinces "Resolucion" and "Provincia Mendoza City" that were controlled by the government. Coincidentally, liberating a city liberates all the other settlements in the province as part of a game mechanic in Just Cause (1).
  • This area of San Esperito has the highest number of safehouses within a small sector.
  • The city contains a relatively large amount of collectible items.
  • This city combined can arguably be the location with the highest concentration of missions, with the above collectible items, 2 Races, Streets of Fire and Dismissed Without Honors.
  • This city can be considered as the predecessor of Panau City in Just Cause 2, Citate Di Ravello in Just Cause 3, and Nueva Voz in Just Cause 4. However, Panau City has 4 districts as opposed to this place being divided in half with a north and south side, and Citate Di Ravello is just one big city.
  • The provinces "Resolucion" and "Provincia Mendoza City" don't seem to have any reason to exist. It is believed to be some kind of a Game limit that all settlements need to be inside a province.
  • The city's road network actually has a unique set of street names. There's no building names, but it would be possible to get good directions to any building by saying something like "at the north-west corner of X Avenida and Y Calle". The streets are all numbered Avenida and Calle.