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The Espinosa Dynasty refers to a number of characters in Just Cause 4.
Diego el Santo

Diego Espinosa, the founder of the dynasty.


A "dynasty" is a series of rulers from the same family. Solís was ruled by the Espinosas from about 500 years ago to the time of the events of Just Cause 4. It's not known what any of their formal titles were has heads of state.

Sargento mentions at one point that the base Puerto Málaga was named after the port in Spain where the Espinosa family came to Solís from. Málaga is a real place in Spain. This is confirmed by the locations map info. There is one more location where according to the map info, the Espinosa family had scuttled their galleon.


Known members of the dynasty are listed below. To avoid spoilers, see their character pages for more details about them.

  • Diego Espinosa - He was a conquistador in the spanish military and the first european man to set foot at Solís. He took over Solís and turned it into his own de facto kingdom.
  • Sophia Espinosa - Daughter of Diego. She was a poet and lived in what is now the Recalada region.

There were many people in between here, but we don't know anything about them.

  • León Espinosa - He is known to have maintained power through rigged elections. He also started the Project Illapa for peaceful purposes.
  • Oscar Espinosa - Maintained power with his private military, the Black Hand. He converted the Project Illapa into a super-weapon, with the intention of selling it for profit.
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