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Estatuas Pinsha
Estutas Pinsha
The statue once activated.
Settlement in Solís
Type Ancient statue
Region Tierra del Qhapaq
Missions that take place here None

Estatuas Pinsha is a location in Just Cause 4.


The map description states "Buried deep within Qhapaq, this ancient structure is whispered about among the poor people. It appears on no map of Solis."

Estatuas Pinsha is part of the Ancient Statues system throughout Solís, with this one being located in the Tierra del Qhapaq region. The mechanism is located deep in the mountains under a natural stone arch. Pulling a wooden lever will reveal the statue coming out of the ground.

Pinsha means "Toucan" in Quechua. 


Estutas Pinsha is located in the northern part of the Tierra del Qhapaq region. Many smaller statues can be seen scattered around the area, on mountaintops and ridges.


  • Contrary to the in-game description, the statue does appear on the map once discovered.
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