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It could be worse.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Truck
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

The Europ is a truck in Just Cause (1).


It's based on the Citroën Type HY and it's one of the most common civilian vehicles in San Esperito. The Citroën Type HY was sold almost exclusively in a van configuration, whereas the Europ is a pick-up.

It has 2 seats, but you can never have a passenger. Sadly, it's impossible to transport cargo in it, because the cargo compartment is covered by an invisible flat panel (poor game programming). Any cargo (or Rico) would slide off.
Citroën HV

The Citroën HV, the vehicle this is based on.


Below average, but not the worst. It is slightly top heavy.



  • The truck was named after the continent of Europe.
  • This is one of only two cars which doesn’t have a manufacturer name, the other being the taxi.