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Coyle Mambo and Excorpion (left front corners)
It's the grey one.
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Muscle car
Weapons Dual shotguns
(on 1 version)
Rarity Rare
List of owners Escarlata
Top speed (km/h) ~192-201
Top speed (mph) ~119.3-124.9

The Excorpión is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.

This article includes data for all its sub-versions.


It's a muscle car, similar to the Coyle Mambo. It has different lights and a slightly bigger upward dent in the hood and a different rear window, but is otherwise about the same. In fact, it has the same interior.

The weaponized version has bigger bumpers and is always rusted.


Has a decent acceleration and good brakes. It's likely one of the best choices for drifting.

In most traffic situations, the player wouldn't notice a difference in handling, but testing at the airport has revealed that it's actually inferior to Coyle Mambo by being about 50 km/h slower. In addition to the maximum speed being lower, it has trouble maintaining its maximum speed. Sometimes the acceleration ends at only 192 km/h, but other times it can go up to 201 km/h. In either case, the maximum speed tends to flicker between adjacent numbers by +/- 3 km/h.

Versions and locationsEdit

Model name Owner and color(s) Special features Weapons Locations
Excorpión Rico Rodriguez None. None.
Excorpión Scatterbane Escarlata
LNP faction colors and symbols.
Bigger bumpers.
"Nitros" (small jet engine on the back).
The hood is held on by wires at the front corners.
At "B" rank: Dual shotguns on the hood. This car is unique.
Excorpión Model Escarlata gives it to Rico.
This car is always rusted.
Bigger bumpers for ramming.
At "A" and "B" ranks: Dual shotguns on the hood.
At "S" rank it gains wheel spikes.
In-universe it's unique.


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