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Falco is a province in Just Cause 3.
Just Cause 3 Map


Falco is the fourth smallest province in Medici, after Aspera, Umbra, and Corda Dracon. Similar to Aspera and Corda Dracon, this province exclusively hosts a regional central command base: Falco Maxime: Centcom. It is also the second smallest province in Insula Striate after Umbra. The province contains 2 tunnels containing a road leading to Cava Montana and the main road in Grande Pastura, an unmarked military outpost near the entrance road to Falco Maxime, and various cliffs, including a Eubus Eagle helipad with a wingsuit course.

Due to the FOW located in the province, in this case Bavarium Nukes, the roads are mainly inaccessible until the nuke launcher is disabled.


Just north-east of the center of the Insula Striate region of Medici, dwarfed by neighboring province Montana to it's north-east.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

  • Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  • 3x The Rocket on the north/south road. Near both ends of the tunnel.
    • On the southern side of the tunnel, where the road is at an angle down to south.
    • Mario is in one and starts driving south, as soon as the player gets close enough for him to spawn.
    • On the northern side of the tunnel, at a checkpoint. From here it's possible to drive north.


  • Falco means falcon, or hawk, in Italian, which is a fitting name for an air force base at a high location.

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