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Fast Travel is a feature in Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4.

A loading screen that mentions this. On many occasions JC3 loading screen picture and text combinations are random, but there is a very rare chance for the text and picture to make sense.


This is a means of long distance travel, very similar to the Extraction system in previous games.

An identical helicopter. The actual one can not be hijacked.

Just Cause 3

This feature is unlocked after the mission Friends Like These...

To do this, use the in-game map and click on the icon of a discovered settlement. One of the options will be "fast travel". It's only possible to travel to locations that have a map icon. Even Race markers can be fast traveled to.

A second option, available after completing the game's storyline, is to "Re-Oppress and Fast Travel". This can only be done with outposts, bases and towns. This feature will fast travel Rico to the selected location and reset the specific location to be Medici Military, or D.R.M., owned and have all chaos objects rebuilt. Rico may re-oppress a settlement as many times as he wants.

At first the only way to fast travel is to collect flares, which are consumed by fast travel. You will not need flares if you fast travel from a liberated province and Rebel Shrines will unlock free fast travel in specific regions.

Once Rico arrives at the destination, he will be at the door of a hovering Eubus Eagle helicopter where the player can jump off and Skydive down.

Just Cause 4

This feature is unlocked after The Illapa Project.

Fast travel in Just Cause 4 is very similar to it in Just Cause 3. There's no longer a need for any flares. The player can simply click on any discovered and marked settlement (on the map) and "request travel" (R on PC). Afterwards, a window pops up and the player will be told to select any available pilot. The pilots (see more about them at supply drop) are members of the Army of Chaos.

Once at the destination, the camera will view the settlement. The player needs to press a button (space on a PC) to get off. Rico then appears on the screen and skydives to his destination, while the cargo plane used to transport him flies away.


In JC3 Rico is transported by a green Eubus Eagle. It's possible to use the Bavarium Wingsuit to get back up to it, but this helicopter has no collision models. Hence, it cannot be damaged or Hijacked. It's flown by a random civilian.

However, it is possible to glitch into the helicopter by continously wingsuiting into it. Most of the time, Rico will fly right through it, but sometimes he'll get stuck in the helicopter. Rico automatically dies shortly afterwards.

In JC4 they use the same cargo plane as the supply drop does. The pilots (see more about them at supply drop) are members of the Army of Chaos.

The plane can be shot down before it despawns. Note that doing so won't make the game disable fast travel or supply drop for the specific pilot selected just because the plane was destroyed. The pilot is not an actual character.


  • This is the only way Rico can be seen riding a helicopter by hanging from the side, rather than sitting inside, or hanging from the bottom.
  • The pilot of the Eubus Eagle is immune to bullets, although he can be killed by blowing up the helicopter using explosions.
  • Rico cannot grapple the helicopter itself, instead the pilot can be grappled. If the player does so, he will end up stuck inside the helicopter taking massive amounts of collision damage, causing death in a very short time (video).