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Fengding EC14FD2
Fengding EC14FD2.png
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Heavy military truck
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Panau Military
Ular Boys
Japanese Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 40
Acceleration 35
Armour 55
Handling 40

The Fengding EC14FD2 is a military truck in Just Cause 2.


It's a 6-wheeled military truck, resembling the real life AM General M-939. There's a variant of this vehicle called the Fengding EC2 Lift, which features a mounted crane arm. It comes in a variety of different liveries depending on where it's stationed. Variations include desert camo, jungle camo, snow camo, and Reapers red. The Reaper variant, which has the faction's logo painted on the side, can be found at their HQ. In some variants the cargo compartment has a metallic frame around the edges that prevents cargo from falling out. Also on Hantu Island the Japanese military one spawns in dark blue camouflage.

It's made by the fictional Fengding company.


It's fast for a vehicle this size but has a wide turning radius. It also accelerates slowly. It's not a good getaway vehicle because of these drawbacks. When traveling up steep hills the Fengding is prone to stalling, which is somewhat unrealistic as most trucks of its size have systems in place to compensate for their inability to climb steep hills. In reality, a truck like the Fengding would have all wheel drive. Unfortunately, the Fengding has rear wheel drive, which makes it a bad choice for off-roading.

Despite these drawbacks, the truck is tough and can withstand a large battering from guns and collisions. As it is very heavy it's a natural ramming solution, and can easily push other vehicles out of the way, sometimes flipping them over. It's a good choice for missions like Stranded that require a durable method of transportation.



  • "Fengding" may be a reference to the real-world vehicle manufacturer Dongfeng. Dongfeng supplies military trucks for the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
  • It's not uncommon for Fengdings to spawn with the wrong camouflage for their location. It's not known if this is a glitch or if it's supposed to indicate that the Panau Military has been mobilizing them.
  • The Rowlinson K22 helicopter fits perfectly into the back of the truck. The skids fit into the flatbed area, with the tail extending over the metallic frame. The helicopter will not fall out unless the truck is rolled over or tilts too far.
  • This truck is a successor to the Battaille GPT-6 from Just Cause.


See also: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches.

The red Fengding located at the Reaper HQ can turn white at night. Upon entry, the whole truck lights up bright white. When the player exits, the light goes off.


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