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Feno is a province in Just Cause 3.

View of Feno. Babica can be seen on the right and Albeto Pero can be seen on the left.


Feno is a mountainous province with lots of rural farmland and some small patches of forest. It has a long coastline, along which its two largest towns can be found; Babica in the north and Albeto Pero in the west. Babica is the largest town found within the province and is often considered a small city. It is a tourist hotspot with a beach and several high rises. Albeto Pero, located in the west, is a lot more historic and residential. Its history as a fort attracts many tourists every year.

Central Feno is a lot more rural and mountainous than the rest of the province and is the location of two military bases; Guardia Feno I, a small helicopter outpost, and Cima Leon: Transmitter, a telecommunications base linked to Cima Leon: Silo in nearby Lacos. Guardia Feno II is another small outpost which is located in close proximity to Babica.


Just Cause 3 Map

Feno is the northwestern-most province in the Insula Fonte region of Medici. Lavanda lies south and Plagia resides on the east.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

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