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Franco Alifano
Franco Alifano
In the briefing of The San Esperito Connection. Mission briefing inside the Pocumtuck Nomad.
Character in Just Cause
First appearance The San Esperito Connection
Job Deals drugs to New York
Last known status Dead

Franco Alifano is a character in Just Cause (1).


Little is known about him. As explained in the only mission where he's seen, he's a drug dealer from New York.

He flew a plane to San Esperito and was then transported in an armed convoy to meet the Rioja Cartel leader. He carried a briefcase full of cash, to set up a drug shipment to New York.

During the events of the mission The San Esperito Connection, Rico intercepted his convoy, killed him and took his money. Rico then took his identity to meet the Rioja cartel. If the player leaves him alive, he will contact the Riojas before Rico gets there and the mission fails.

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