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Free Trade
Pelabuhan Saudagar
Stronghold Takeover
Faction Roaches
Requires Casino Bust
Territory Ramai Rakyat Islands
Required Chaos 20,000
Location Pekan Buaya Tidur
(X:14550; Y:11530)
Roaches HQ and
Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor (X:1510; Y:13440)
Chaos 7,500
Cash 17,500
Weapon Parts 2
Vehicle Parts 2

Free Trade is the first stronghold takeover Rico does for the Roaches in Just Cause 2.


This is the first mission for the Roaches.

The mission begins at a small Roaches outpost in the Pekan Buaya Tidur village.

Razak Razman, the leader of the Roaches, introduces himself to Rico as he walks around his office, telling him that he hopes that the two can reach a "mutually beneficial agreement". It is clear that business is on Razman's agenda, both in his office and in Panau. While traveling to the Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor, he tells Rico that he wishes to gain control of the port from the government so he can reap the benefits of government-free trade in Panau City's busy docks district. 


You will spawn with the technician and a small group of other Roaches soldiers close to the port entrance, in the Panau City Docks District.

Approach the gate, take care of the soldiers there and then get over the wall and hack the gate control console.

Next you'll have to fight your way through a large hangar. After leaving the hangar, you'll encounter a sniper on one of the Cranes. Kill him and continue towards the terminal.

After passing through another hangar, you'll reach the terminal area, guarded by some soldiers and a Minigun. Neutralize them and wait as the technician hacks the terminal. There should be a medicine cabinet at that location.

It's recommended to use the minigun to complete this part of the mission.

The Panau Military will send some infantry and two MV V880s to try to retake the port. After they are neutralized, the Stronghold Commander arrives in a UH-10 Chippewa attack helicopter. Kill or hijack him to complete the mission.

You can also use the minigun to destroying all the Cranes and Industrial Chimneys in the area.
Roaches technician

The Roaches technician at the end of the mission.


  • It would be wise to complete this stronghold takeover before trying to complete the Docks District of Panau City, as the harbor has an array of SAM sites, which will be on Rico's side after the mission.
  • After completion, Razak will use the port to export massive amounts of drugs.
  • There are very few soldiers at the harbor, compared to other strongholds.
  • This is the only mission starting with "F" that you do for the Roaches. There are two other sidemissions that start with "F" that you could do for the Ulars.


Just Cause 2 - Stronghold Takeover - Free Trade

Just Cause 2 - Stronghold Takeover - Free Trade

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