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Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters - Los Mirasoles village liberation
Liberating Los Mirasoles village.
Story Mission
Previous Breakout
Next The San Esperito Connection
Faction The Agency
Location Provincia Aguilar

Freedom Fighters is the third storyline mission in Just Cause (1).


Mission information from the PDA: "Help the Guerrillas liberate the Aguilar province. You do this one village at a time, but there is a strong government presence in the settlements of this province, so be careful."

This mission begins immediately after Breakout and is an introduction and tutorial to settlement Liberations. This is also one of (technically) four missions which happen in succession.


Tom Sheldon will call Rico and tell him to go to a nearby village (called Los Mirasoles) and help the Guerrillas to "liberate" it. After you've completed that task, Tom will call you again and tell you to liberate one more village (Merecure).

What you need are guns and grenades.

  • Rico always carries his Holdt R4 Pitbulls and there's more guns at safehouses.
  • Grenades can be taken from dead soldiers once you get to the first village. A lot of soldiers carry them.

Keep moving throughout the battle and don't try to kill all the enemies yourself. The Guerrillas will take a lot of them on themselves. Liberations can all be done at running pace. In fact you have to run to keep the enemy from being able to concentrate too much fire on you. When you start losing too much health, look for the First Aid Kits, which can also be taken from some dead soldiers.

Use the grenades only against the roadblocks and keep an eye on both your own and the roadblocks' health bars at the top of the screen. There's also a separate progress bar for the whole liberation event.

If you don't kill enough of the enemy soldiers and don't take out the roadblocks, the Guerrillas will lose and the mission fails.


  • This mission confirms the Guerrillas' control of at least one province until the end of Taking Out The Garbage Pt. 3, when Isla Dominio auto-defaults to being marked as Guerrilla-stable on the PDA political map, since there are no settlements on that island.
  • This mission is really nothing special but the forced liberation of 2 villages out of the numerous in San Esperito.
  • See also: Liberation



Mision Freedom Fighters - Just Cause 1

Mision Freedom Fighters - Just Cause 1

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