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GP Thunder Extreme Prototype
GP Thunder Extreme Prototype
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Armed off-road car
Weapons 2 Machine guns and rocket launcher
Rarity 1 location and Heavy drop
List of owners The Agency

The GP Thunder Extreme Prototype is a well armed off-road car in Just Cause (1). The Just Cause Demo calls this vehicle a Prototype MV.


It's based on the real world Hummer H3.

It's a pick-up type vehicle and looks like it was designed for off-roading.


The prototype is quite a sturdy vehicle for it's size and has reasonable performance, being quite fast and controllable. It has four-wheel drive in lower speeds. It also has weapons, making it even more effective.

This is a great vehicle for village liberations or military base takeovers. Just be careful for explosives (grenades, tank turret, etc) as they typically deal the most damage to this vehicle.


This vehicle's weapons are hidden. They can be activated the same way that one would normally switch between different weapons in a helicopter. The Garret Paladin also has hidden weapons, but it only has a machine gun. The GP Thunder has a longer firing range and the missile launcher makes it one of the best ground vehicles to use in a liberation mission, or during Heat.

  • Machine-guns. There's two, near the front lights.
  • Missiles (shoots 1 at a time). The missile launcher is at the right front corner.

The console versions of the game (or at least some of them) allow the player to aim vehicle weapons either manually, or to let the game auto-aim them. The PC version only has auto-aim for all vehicle mounted weapons.



  • It looks a lot like a Hummer HX, but those were made in 2008. Just Cause (1) is from 2006. Maybe the people at General Motors were inspired by this game?
  • It's weapons are the same as the Bald Eagle Persuader.
  • This is the predecessor of the Just Cause 2 "Hedge Wildchild" - a newer armed off-road car for The Agency.
  • You need to obtain this vehicle in the Just Cause Demo to complete the demo.
    • The demo calls this vehicle a "Prototype MV". Both vehicles are based on the same real vehicle, so the similar in-game name make sense.



(HD) GP Thunder Extreme Prototype Just Cause 1

(HD) GP Thunder Extreme Prototype Just Cause 1

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