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Garland King
JC4 Rico meets Garland King
Rico's first meeting with her.
Character in Just Cause 4
First appearance Garland King's New Star
Faction Garland King Studios
Job Movie director
Last known status Live (officially dead)

Garland King is a character in Just Cause 4.

Personal infoEdit

She's an American. Her hat says "BROOKLYN", but one of the badges on her coat says "I [heart] LA".


In her first mission Garland King's New Star, she complains that Solís is a good place to make movies, but that everything is forbidden unless the complicated paperwork involving lots of permits is all in order. As such, she needs to fake her own death to go underground to avoid all the hard-to-obtain permits for her action movie stunts.

She also complains that her stuntmen are unable to provide the necessary complex stunts for her movie, so she needs Rico to help her.

Throughout her missions she films different sections of an action movie. The movie is mentioned to have many scenes with digitally edited content. By the end it's revealed that the movie is largely based on Rico's life and that she wishes to immortalize Rico by dedicating the movie to him and the Army of Chaos.

See Category:Garland King's missions for the missions she provides.

She will appear in El Qisa along the western road into the town. She sits in her director's chair, is invincible and doesn't react to being attacked.

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