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Garret Paladin
Garret Paladin
At a cartel villa.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Sports car
Weapons Hidden machine guns.
Rarity Very rare
List of owners Rioja Cartel
San Esperito Military

The Garret Paladin is a sports car in Just Cause (1). The Rioja PDA page calls it a "Garret Paladin 5-56".


It bears sublime similarities with multiple cars. For example, it's rounded front fascia is inspired by the Gumpert Apollo and the first generation Audi TT, while it's hood vents are directly derived from the second generation Lotus Elise. It features a typical Grand Tourer configuration: Front engine; 4 seats; 2 doors. Normally spawning painted in yellow, although a grey one appears in some mission.


It has rear wheel drive, so it's inferior to the 4-wheel drive Rossi 866 Corral, but it appears to be equally fast. The handling is so bad that the slightly slower Chevalier Supernova would be a better choice as a vehicle.

It has dual hidden machine guns in the hood, but the lack of missiles (like the GP Thunder Extreme Prototype has) makes it only useful against unarmored land vehicles. This makes it a defenseless vehicle at a high level of Heat. They don't have much of a firing range and they can't shoot at too high of an angle, so it can't be used against helicopters. Doing so would need the helicopter to be at a very low altitude, or the car to be parked on a slope. Delta 5H4 Boxheads fly relatively low and have very weak armor, so they're the easiest flying targets. However, it's not like the Guerrillas are going to attack you.

The Garret is not very durable, so its value as an armed vehicle is questionable.

Versions and locationsEdit



Rioja Cartel versionEdit

Unique Military versionEdit