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Garret Traver-Z
Garret Traver-Z
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Sports car
Weapons Basic: None
Fully Upgraded: + Machine gun turret
Rarity Very rare, but available at the Black Market
List of owners Civilians
The Agency
Tom Gunawan
Top speed (km/h) 208.8
Top speed (mph) 129.8
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 89
Acceleration 95
Armour 40
Handling 76

The Garret Traver-Z is an executive sports car in Just Cause 2.


It's a modern sports car that strongly resembles the Nissan Z. The front resembles that of the Rossion Q1 and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, while the back resembles that of the Ford GT90 Concept. For some reason, the logo seen on the car reads "Civadier". The incorrect logo may be the result of a reused asset.

It only spawns in black in freeroam and from the Black Market, but a red version is supplied for various races. In the mission 'Taking Candy From a Millionaire' it spawns in white and in 'An Officer and a Hitman' it spawns in light tan.


Out of all the land vehicles in the game, the Garret has the highest top speed. It is very difficult to control at high speeds. When upgraded to level 6, a turret is added to the rear. The Garret, when fully upgraded, is the only vehicle fast enough to make the jump over the canyon located at X:11345 Y:23620. It is capable of outrunning the Panau Military. It can even outrun hostile choppers if it's driving on a flat, straight road. It's not very durable and takes damage relatively quickly. This makes the mounted turret impractical, though it's still a good choice for hit-and-run missions because of its speed capabilities. It's also good for drifting.


  • It can be purchased from the Black Market for $40,000. When you upgrade your Black Market version to level 6 however, it will spawn with 2 machine guns, unless specified below.
  • Unique white one appears in the Ular Boys mission Taking Candy From a Millionaire. This car belongs to Tom Gunawan and Rico has to hijack it for Sri Irawan. Marked red - Heat. It will never have weapons.
  • A red one is provided for a race challenge in Panau City, called "Panau City Speed Freak", the race is located at X:1060; Y:13165. Marked green - heatless.
  • A red one is provided for a race challenge in the Lautan Lama Desert, called "Kampung Nur Cahaya Road". Marked green - heatless.
  • A black one is parked at X:6390; Y:24375, near a Gas Station. Marked green - heatless. This location was first used in Just Cause 2 Demo. This one is the only one that spawns during free-roam gameplay.
  • Unique tan one appears at a Colonel's mansion in the Roaches mission An Officer and a Hitman in a desert camouflage color located at X:10865; Y:25160. Marked red - Heat. It is affected by black market upgrades.
  • A black one is owned by some witnesses during the mission Rico's Day in Court. Marked red - heat.


  • It's inexpensive compared to the other Black Market vehicles.
  • "Garret" may be a reference to the turbo-charger manufacturer of the same name.
  • It's the successor to the Garret Paladin from Just Cause (1), a similarly designed supercar featuring machine guns, and predecessor to the Weaponized Serpente from Just Cause 3.
  • The only land vehicle starting with "G" in this game is the GV-104 Razorback.
  • It's made by the fictional Garret company.
    • Even though it is manufactured by Garret, there is a crescent moon logo reading Civadier, which could possibly mean this vehicle was originally meant to be produced by Civadier.
  • Other than missions (including races) and the Black Market, there is only one place where this vehicle spawns, and that is at the gas station mentioned above.
  • It is one of 4 Sports cars in Just Cause 2, the others being the Titus ZJMancini Cavallo 1001 and Civadier 999.
  • The tires on this vehicle are labelled "Avalanche Sport", directly referencing Avalanche Studios.
  • On the Black Market screen, it shows a unique unobtainable orange version.


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