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Gas stations in Panau
Gas Station
A large gas station for land vehicles. Notice that one of gas pumps is destroyed and the left part of the roof is about to come down.
Total amount 490 Gas Pumps
Armament needed Small arms fire, or you can simply ram them with a vehicle.
Value in Chaos points 100 (Pumps)
Value in money 500 (Pumps)
Approximate safe distance during destruction A few meters from the pumps themselves, though one should back away a bit from the large stations as their roofs fall down and create a massive explosion.

Gas stations in Panau are sabotage destructible objects in Just Cause 2.

For other gas stations see: Gas stations (disambiguation).


A place to refill the fuel tanks in cars and boats and buy food (like 1337 Chips) and drinks. Cars and boats have separate gas stations. The game vehicles don't have usable fuel and will operate indefinitely.

The Panauan Oil company is owned by the government.

See also: Panauan Oil.


All stations have a small Shop; a Medicine cabinet; a stack of Red Barrels and some Gas Canisters. There's a few gas stations in the mountains that don't have gas pumps. There's also a village in the Senjakala Islands with a boat Gas Station without a shop. At Kem Hutan Supply Depot, two Gas Pumps can be found without a station.
Panauan cuisine (vending machines and advertisements)

Gas station stores have vending machines and food advertisements.

Also vending machines can be found outside the store. One of these belongs usually to the company 1337 Chips. Another one has been translated from Thaian to sell water. See also: Panauan cuisine.

Gas appears to be quite expensive, although no one knows the actual worth of the Panauan dollar, 69.40 and 69.90 sounds quite expensive for gas. It is also likely that they sell Petroleum/Petrol and Diesel due to there being two prices.

For land vehiclesEdit

There's 2 kinds: Large and small.

The larger has 4 gas pumps and a roof and the smaller has 2 pumps, with no roof. The destruction of one pump of the 2 outside pumps will make that 1/2 section of the roof collapse, usually both the inner 2 pumps have to be destroyed in order for the roof of that side to collapse. Both will create a massive explosion, even bigger if they collapse at once. These stations are usually guarded by Panauan Military, with an armed Chepachet PVD and some soldiers. The roof on the large station is painted red and has a white Panauan star as decoration. Both types have a sign with a rotating Panauan star just outside the stations. These also show the current price of two types of fuel, but they actually never change, they do always show the number 69:40 and 66:90 in Panauan Dollars. The stations can be used in car pursuits to shake off pursuers, due to their programming making them drive very clumsily, this causes them to crash into the pumps when they come too close. The most known example is during the pursuit in the second game mission Casino Bust, when passing the station in Pekan Ayer Gilang.
Gas Sign

Gas station signage.

For boatsEdit

These gas stations are only found on the seaside, or along rivers. It consists of a concrete platform connected to land by a short concrete boardwalk; civilians are typically found here. On the platform there are 2 gas pumps, a small shop and a health cabinet. Some water races are found starting here. These gas stations usually have a buoy nearby in the water.

Gas PumpsEdit

The Gas pumps are sabotage destructible objects. There's 490 of them and they're pretty common. They're grey with red colour on the top. If destroyed, the Heat will come immediately, instead of a bit later as with other destructibles.
Kuala Rajang gasstation

A gas station for boats at Kuala Rajang. This one is rare because it lacks a Store.

Each gas pump has two refueling hoses. The control panel has a set of numbered buttons and a 4-digit number display. There's also 2 different analogue gauges. There's two small signs, possibly with instructions, but the game texture resolution is too low (even on the highest settings) to read them. The title of one of them is "WARNING!" The official name of the gas pump might be "OMG 2000", as is written on the lower right corner of the control panel.


Really easy to destroy, 2 shots from a fully upgraded Machine Gun will do, even ramming them with a car is a good idea. On large stations, the destruction of one or more pumps will usually create a chain reaction, as the shock wave usually shakes down the roof or parts of it falling down, crushing the other pumps and creating a massive, deadly explosion. Each Gas Pump will give 100 Chaos points and $500. On large stations, you can also throw Triggered Explosives between the four pumps. You can also place one on the two roof sections to cause them to come down and crush the pumps, or shooting at the pillars holding up the roof. Level 6 Triggered Explosives (and perhaps weaker) can destroy all the pumps on all varieties with a single one in the middle, for the large stations, this can be on the ground, the ceiling, or even on the roof. Boat gas stations have a conveniently placed garbage can for this.

After destroying all 4 pumps at a large station, the roof can be lifted up using a strong enough helicopter and used as a weapon. You can use it to rack up Wrecking Ball kills. Also you could melee the supports which hold the roof up. The roof collapses pretty quickly though, so fast that you may not even escape in time. Meleeing the supports and then grappling away immediately afterwards could mean the difference between life and death.


Gas station in Panau City

A large gas station in Panau City.

In-game, you will find 490 pumps. It is possible, however, that a glitch may occur resulting in the player finding 501 pumps, as User:DjTap discovered. More info in the next section.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all gas pumps in Panau.

Panau CityEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Park District (11) X:2900; Y:11640
All Large
X:3130; Y:11740
X:3210; Y:11265
X:3480; Y:11635
X:3710; Y:11770
X:3800; Y:11445
X:4050; Y:11020
X:4050; Y:11430
X:4090; Y:11650
X:4035; Y:12110
X:4750; Y:11140
Financial District (14) X:5345; Y:12655
All Large
X:5730; Y:12675
X:5615; Y:12885
X:5285; Y:13380
X:5655; Y:13660
X:6100; Y:13060
X:6235; Y:13825
X:6475; Y:14145
X:6870; Y:13875
X:6660; Y:13510
X:6915; Y:13445
X:6655; Y:13250
X:6840; Y:12985
X:6590; Y:12950
Residential District (12) X:2955; Y:14720
All Large
X:3105; Y:15380
X:3305; Y:15695
X:3430; Y:15260
X:3540; Y:15040
X:3890; Y:14850
X:3870; Y:15350
X:4170; Y:15085
X:4455; Y:15105
X:4200; Y:15590
X:4545; Y:15755
X:4870; Y:15435
Docks District (6) X:960; Y:13265
All Large
X:1045; Y:13400
X:1370; Y:13735
X:1115; Y:13865
X:1120; Y:14250
X:1490; Y:14290

West Tanah RayaEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Pekan Juku-Juku Boat
North of Banjaran Gundin (intersection leading to airport) X:11975; Y:4320 Large
North-West of Kampung Bunga Kertas (highway junction) X:11855; Y:3175 Small
North-East of Tanjung Intan X:11415; Y:2670 Boat
Kampung Sirip Tajam Boat
Kampung Bahari Small
Kampung Tiga Kelapa Large
Kampung Teratai Putih Boat

Pelaut ArchipelagoEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Kota Pantai Kuala Large + Boat
Paya Keras Small
North-East of Kuala Cengkih X:24250; Y:3815 Small
North of Loji Bahan Bakar Fossil X:25770; Y:5720 Large
Kampung Pokok Ru Boat
Pekan Gua Cina Large
South-West of Emas Hitam Oil Refinery (highway junction) X:27720; Y:7330 Small
South-West of Pekan Cahaya Matahari (highway junction) X:27335; Y:10360 Large

Berawan Besar MountainsEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
South-East of Kampung Curah Dalam X:14225; Y:8690 Large
West of Kampung Redup X:18590; Y:8410 Small
North-West of Bukit Bura X:18450; Y:8730 Boat
Kota Istana Purba Large
Bandar Gunung Raya Large
Bandar Baru Bukit Kuprum Large

Ramai Rakyat IslandsEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
North of Pekan Air Hangat X:11065; Y:10665 Small
East of Pekan Air Hangat X:11625; Y:11095 Boat
South of Pekan Bukit Nenas X:12030; Y:10930 Large
North-East of Kem Helang Merah X:12415; Y:11265 Large
West of Pekan Buah Melimpah (highway junction) X:13865; Y:10950 Large
West of Pekan Buaya Tidur (intersection) X:14250; Y:11510 Small
Panau International Airport 2 Large
East of Panau City - Financial District (highway junction) X:7550; Y:12920 Large
Kampung Ketam Laut Boat
South of Kampung Ketam Laut (highway junction) X:8270; Y:15550 Large
East of Panau City - Residential District (highway junction) X:5810; Y:15850 Large
Kampung Pohon Reput Large
Kampung Ayer Lama Boat
North-West of Kota Kersik X:10010; Y:19510 Large
Kota Kersik Large
Tasik Cerah Boat
East, just outside of Tasik Cerah X:11655; Y:19705 Small
South-East of Kuala Jernih X:10425; Y:20910 Large
Kampung Nur Cahaya Large
Kampung Bunga Raya Large

Panau Tengah BayEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Pekan Teluk Tengah Boat
Pekan Buah Melambak Large
Pekan Ayer Gilang Large
South of Pekan Jati Besar (highway junction) X:17980; Y:16335 Large
South of Pekan Jati Besar X:18230; Y:16380 Small
Tanjung Rumah Api Boat
South of Kem Kapitan Mohideen X:17470; Y:21630 Small
South-West of Pekan Badak Bermandi X:17815; Y:22210 Small
Tasik Jernih Boat
West of Pekan Tanjung X:17055; Y:23180 Large
South of Port Rodrigo X:15390; Y:22870 Large
Unnamed settlement at X:14650; Y:23600 Large
East of Pemainan Racun Facility X:13695; Y:25095 Small
Kampung Sawah Hutan Small

East Tanah RayaEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Kampung Pantai Berangin Boat
North-East of Pekan Tupai Merah X:27430; Y:14825 Boat
North-East of Awan Cendawan Power Plant X:25735; Y:17510 Large
Kampung Tanah Runtuh Small
Bandar Serigala Kelabu Boat
Pekan Lengkong Large
Kuala Geneng Boat
West of Kuala Geneng X:22520; Y:21510 Large
North of Kampung Sawah Pantai X:21665; Y:21670 Large
Kampung Papan Tanda Large
Kampung Tanjung Luas Boat
South of Kampung Hutan Hijau (highway junction) X:18315; Y:19445 Large
Bandar Baru Cina Boat
Kampung Jalan Gunung Large

Lautan Lama DesertEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Kampung Dataran Nipah Large
Kampung Pasir Panjang Large
Tanjung Putih Boat
South-West of Pulau Dayang Terlena X:3930; Y:21785 Large
North-East of Port Gurun Lautan Lama X:3210; Y:22480 Large
Tasik Permata Large
Sungai Madu Leleh Large
Bandar Lengkok Sungai Large
Pekan Jambatan Batu Boat + Large
Unnamed roadstop at X:5180; Y:24840 Large
South-West of Kampung Tokong Purba X:6410; Y:24345 Large
Unnamed roadstop at X:7575; Y:24325 Large
Port Rajang Selatan Boat
Bandar Gereja Gurun Large
East of Lembah Cerah X:7190; Y:25520 Small
Kampung Danau Lengkong Boat

Senjakala IslandsEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Kampung Kilang Papan Large
Unnamed outpost at X:8300; Y:28370 X:8265; Y:28350 Small
Sungai Cerah Small + Boat
North of Pulau Ombak Merah X:13425; Y:29905 Large
Bandar Baru Indah Boat
Kem Hutan Supply Depot (2 single pumps) 2 Single
Pulau Naga Boat
Kuala Rajang Boat

Selatan ArchipelagoEdit

Settlement Coordinates Gas station type
Kampung Kepulauan Selatan Boat
South of Kampung Orkid Riak X:17695; Y:26025 Large
Pekan Dusun Rambutan Large
South-East of Lembah Firdaus (under a bridge) X:19385; Y:26480 Boat
Pulau Delima Boat
Teluk Putih Boat
Kampung Datuk Tua Boat
East of Kepulauan Selatan Eta X:26665; Y:28825 Boat

501 Gas Pumps Glitch?Edit

Just Cause 2 statistics

501 Gas Pumps Destroyed. 100% Game Completion File.

The above listed gas pumps add up to 490. However, a glitch may occur where 501 gas pumps can be found and destroyed.

The following is unconfirmed research by User:DjTap:

A 100% completion save file by User:DjTap  consists of 501 gas pumps destroyed (See picture). The user had 489/490 gas pumps destroyed. Using a tool called "JC2 Map Viewer" (link to mod website) to find the last one, it appeared that there were more than 1 left on the map. It is possible that the use of this mod may have somehow altered the game world to include more gas pumps. It is unclear whether a save file which consists of only 490 gas pumps destroyed can lead to 100% game completion. 

There is one gas pump that can be found in Panau City - Residential District at X:2955; Y:14720. Although the city is complete with the green check mark, 1 out of 4 pumps might be left standing at this location. The destruction of this pump counts towards 100% Game Completion.
Panau City Gas Pump glitch

The respawned gas pump.

Rounding problemEdit

When one individual Gas Pump is left standing in Panau City - Park District or Panau City - Financial District, completion of the District displays 100% but does not display a checkmark. This is due to there being so many Sabotage Destructible Objects and Resource Items in these Districts that a single Gas Pump is worth less than 1%, and the completion is rounded up.

See alsoEdit


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