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The Solino Underground (Dona Perez).png
Their leader, introducing herself in the mission The Solino Underground.
Faction in Just Cause 4
Goal, or purpose To sell smuggled goods to the people of Solís and to have extreme motoring events.
Ideology Unknown. Possibly none.
Leader Doña Perez
Starting base, or HQ Big garage on Isla Santuario, near the port.
Source of money Theft from government
Sale of smuggled goods

The Gearheads are a faction in Just Cause 4. They are a part of the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC.


They are first encountered in the mission The Solino Underground where Escarlata introduces them as "geeks who only care about their cars".

They are responsible for the "Rampage" races.

If the player doesn't complete all the races fast enough, Escarlata will be bugging Rico with phonecalls like: "Rico, you bet against the Gearheads and win, you can get a really tricked out ride."